Misc. Universes

Below you will find a list of many alternate universes. These are universes that have only one or two characters from that universe made into a Marvel Legends figure.

2020 Universe (Earth-8410)

The 2020 universe is an alternate where the heroes of the world disappeared in the 1980s and mega-corporations have taken over the Earth. VR is the dominant form of entertainment and is treated like a drug. The corporations use these to control the populace. Those that can’t pay for this led to a new caste system being installed. It’s famous for being the home to Iron Man 2020.

2549 A.D. (Earth-14831)

In a world which was devastated by All-Father Ultron, Zayn Asghar was a scientist that would try and rebuild his world using his Nano-Swarm. However, the swarm couldn’t recreate organic life, so he tries using ants instead.

2099 Universe (Earth-928)

In this Marvel Imprint, Mega corporations now rule the world and mega-cities exist. The heroes of the 616 universes have mostly died off, and those that survive have gone into hiding. People are separated by the high town, where the rich live above the clouds, and low town, where the poor live below the cloud with its polluted air. It’s famous for being the home of Spider-man 2099.

Bishop’s Future (Earth-1191)

In a possible future, the Mutant Messiah, believed to be Hope Summers, reignited the mutant’s population following M-Day. However, at the same time she accidentally murdered a million humans. This led to the activating Sentinels and gathering mutants into camps. Decades later, a rebellion, known as the Summers Rebellion, led to mutants fighting against the government. Eventually the governments dismantled the camps and allowed mutants to live a normal life, with many mutants joining the police force known as the X.S.E.. It should be noted that this is not the same future as the Days of Future Past.

Classic Star-Lord Universe (Earth-791)

This is the home universe of the original version of Star-Lord. This is not the same Star-Lord as the Prime Universe but many of the original concept have been used to make that version.

Dogpool Universe (Earth-102173)

In the Dogpool universe, the dog that would become known as Wilson, was experimented on by a cosmetic company and then tossed aside into the trash. He survived and was taken in by a circus where he would fight Wolverine, another dog that was experimented on.

Doomed Universe (Earth-18466)

In this universe, instead of the F4 defeating Galactus when he first arrived, it was Dr. Doom, who absorbed the World Devourers power into himself. He left to consume the rest of the universe and would return to consume the Earth if it was for the Prime Thing and Human Torch aiding the remaining heroes to defeat him.

Duckworld (Earth-791021)

In this universe, instead of primates evolving into the dominant species of the world, it was duck-like creatures that evolved into humanoid beings. Famous for being the home universe of Howard the Duck, it would also have duck equivalent like Ducktor Strange.

Dystopia (Earth-9200)

In this universe, most of the planet has been destroyed by nuclear war. Having been kept in captivity for decades, Hulk (an alternate version of Smart Hulk) emerged to find out that the surviving human now lives in a city ruled by the Maestro, a deranged Hercules. Hulk would killed Hercules and take over the city, becoming a despot ruler, under the Maestro name.


The home of the Squadron Supreme, the Marvel homage to DC’s Justice League, where every member is a homage to one of DC’s hero.

Exiles’ Sasquatch Universe (Earth-3470)

The home of the Exiles member Heather Hudson, who in this universe is not only black but also, its Sasquatch. In this universe the Soviet Union still exists but other than that not much is known about it.

Fascist America (Earth-3010)

The home universe of Lady Deadpool, the female counterpart to Deadpool. In this universe, Fascists have been voted into running America which brought a civil war to America. Leading the Fascist side was General America and on the other side was Lady Deadpool, who only worked with the rebels because the leader was nice to her. She would leave this universe to join the Deadpool Corps.

Femizon (Earth-715)

In a possible future for the 616 universe, Woman have become the dominate gender of humanity. After several wars, 95% of woman have become sterile. However, they would remain tenacious and the remaining 5% began gaining political control over the world. Men were force into either slavery or breeding farms, though many people were born true cloning. It would become the home of Thundra and later her daughter Lyra.

Guardians of the Galaxy 3000 universe (Earth-691)

In this universe, Space colonization had been in place for centuries and many planets lived in peace with Planet Earth. However, that all shattered when the Badoon began their conquest enslaving or killing many races. A few of these races managed to survive and gathered to form the Guardians of the Galaxy, led by Vance Astro, a human astronaut that had been frozen for a thousand years. This team would take the fight to the Badoon freeing many planets. They would find themselves in the past a few times but usually return to their own universe.

Gwenverse (Earth-65)

Home to Spider-Gwen, also known as Spider-woman or Ghost Spider. In this universe, instead of Peter Parker, it was Gwen Stacy that gained the Spider-powers. Peter instead, frustrated at all the bullying he received, became the Lizard, and attacked his high school. Gwen, not knowing who he was, attacked and accidently kill her best friend. Blamed for his murder, she was hunted down by the police including her father. Gwen was displaced in the 616 universes, where she attends college.

House of X 6th universe (Earth-TRN756)

After trying to prevent the Sentinels from destroying mutant 5 times, Moira X decided instead to join Apocalypse when he awoke. This led to a war against Humanity which led to Nimrod being created and destroying mutants again.

Hulk: The End (Earth-2081)

In the early 2000s, Marvel began releasing a series of comics, known as “the End,” which would show the possible “Final” stories for many of their characters. For the Hulk: The End, a terrorist attacked cause the government to retaliate leading to a nuclear holocaust with Hulk being the only survivor. Giant cockroaches inhabit it using the Hulk as their food source.

Hydraverse (Earth-61311)

This universe came into being when Red Skull tricked Kubik, a sentient Cosmic Cube, into turning Steve Rogers into a Hydra agent. In this universe, Hydra was an ancient society that secretly ran the world. Steve Rogers was taken in by Hydra and raised to be their secret agent, arranging for him to be chosen as Cap. He would serve America but was forced to work as a double agent for the Nazi. However, he was eventually displaced in the Prime Universe and found out that Hydra lost the war. He began working to turn the world into one he remembered.

Larvel Earth (Earth-8311)

The home universe of Spider-ham. In this universe, all the Marvel characters are anthropomorphic animal super-heroes. Depending on the writer, this universe also takes on many cartoon-like qualities as well, similar to the Loony Tunes. It also has 2099 and MC2 counterparts.

Loomworld (Earth-001)

The home universe of Morlun and his family of Inheritor as well as the home of the Great Web of of Life and Destiny. The Inheritors used their abilities to drain totem powers to conquer this Earth, enslaving many of its inhabitants. They used the Web to begin hunt other Totems until the Spider-Army defeated them. Since then, it was the Web Warriors used it as it’s based until they finished their mission.

MC2 (Earth-982)

The home universe of May Mayday Parker, aka Spider-Girl. What originally started as a ‘What If…?’ tale evolved into a whole universe. This universe came into being because Parker and Mary-Janes’ first baby, May, survived childbirth and grew up to be a young adult. Since then, Marvel has added to this universe, with their own X-men (X-People) and Avengers (A-Next).

Mangaverse (Earth-2301)

In the late 1990 early 2000, Manga began to explode in popularity in the State. As such, Marvel tried to capitalize on this by creating their own line of Manga theme comics. They hired manga artists and writers and began creating alternate versions of their most popular character. Spider-man became a ninja, Tigra was Dr. Strange’s familiar, Punisher was a Geisha and the Avengers combined to become a mech called Iron Man. Yeah it was weird. Note: This universe had nothing to do with previous Manga, like the Spider-man manga, or the current manga like Deadpool.

Mirror World (Earth-57780)

Marvel had teamed up with The Electric Company for some live-action shows. As such Marvel launched a series of comics based on this short-lived deal.

Morphverse (Earth-1081)

This universe is pretty much the same except it seem to center around the Exile member, Morph, where he was considered the universe’s greatest Champion.

Nextwave Universe (Earth-63163)

This universe was created by the Beyond Corporation, where they took several of the Prime Universe heroes, Boom Boom, Elsa Bloodstone, The Captain, Machine Man and Monica Rambeau. They made these heroes believe they were on Prime Earth and made them become a team called Nextwave wave. After several adventures, they erased their memories and placed them back on Prime Earth.

Noh-Varr’s Universe (Earth-2000800)

The home universe of Noh-Varr, a.k.a. Marvel Boy/Captain Marvel/Protector. In this universe, the Kree and Skrull have agreed on a ceasefire. Noh was part of a diplomatic ship that was attacked by the Aspirants. His ship was sent into Prime Earth, with Noh being the only survivor.

Noir-verse (Earth-90214)

What if Marvel heroes were part of an old-time noir movie? That was the question when Marvel launched the Noir universe. Set in a time before the second World War and during the Great Depression, mobsters ran this grittier version of the Marvel universe, with many people struggling to make ends meet. A few pf Marvel heroes saw a remake, with the most famous being the Spider-man Noir.

Other Earth (Earth-6311)

The home universe of Kang the Conqueror and many of his incarnations. In this possible future, mankind has finally earned world peace. They began exploring Space and set up a colony on the moon. But peace wasn’t to last as the colony wanted independence from Earth which led to a war. Nathaniel Richards, Reed Richards father, found himself in this time and began working to try and bring peace to this world. by the 31 century, he descendant would become Kang the Conqueror.

Pet Avengers Universe (Earth-97161)

This is the home of the Pet Avengers, a team of animals that Lockjaw of the Inhumans gathered to gather the Infinity Stones to stop Thanos. Many of these animals have a Prime counterpart except for Ms. Lion. (Note: to this day it is still debated if they are an alternate universe or not.)

Poison-verse (Earth-17952)

In this universe, the Klyntar (the race that Venom, Carnage and other symbiotes belong to) arrived on a planet with seemingly harmless creatures. Little did they know that these creatures could assimilate and kill the Klyntar gaining the powers of the Symbiote and their hosts. Becoming known as the Poisons, they captured all their universe’ Symbiotes and forced them to bond with many heroes and villains. They then began a campaign of conquest across not only their universe but every universe. They were eventually stopped by a combined force of heroes that had bonded with a Venom symbiote.

Punk-Verse (Earth-138)

When Norman Osborn became president of the United State, he created a regime that rooted out subversion and weakness. He create VEMON and made them his police. Punk Rocker Hobbie Brown gains Spider powers and leads the rebellion against Osborn. This universe is heavily influenced by the Punk Rock movement with many heroes gaining a Punk rock feel, including the Hulk.

Renew Your Vows (Earth-18119)

What if Brand New Day never happened? That was the question when Marvel decided to launch this universe as part of their Secret War series. In this universe, there are a few differences (including Jean and Wolverine being married) but the main one was that Spider-man and MJ didn’t make a deal with Mephisto to save Aunt May. They remained married and had another daughter, Anna-May, who would go on to become her own Spider-hero, Spiderling or later the Patternmaker.

Roxxon’s Future (Earth-10511)

In this probable future, the evil corporation, Roxxon, has taken over the planet. Using technology that obtained from the Weapon X Program, Roxxon created an army of Deathlok cyborgs using death row inmates. To ensure their success, some of these were sent back in time but one broke free of their control and began working to prevent this future from happening.

Shadowline (Earth-88194)

The home universe of Terror Inc, in this universe two races of human began evolving at different rates. The other humans gained abilities and became a shadow race hidden from the normal humans. To many they were either considered heroes or villains. Terror Inc would somehow end up in the Prime universe.

SP//DR universe (Earth-14512)

The home universe of Peni Parker and the SP//Dr project. This universe takes heavy influence from anime and manga media with many characters, like the Evangelion main cast, making cameos in the series. In this universe, Peni doesn’t have spider-powers. Instead, she synchronizes with an AI and pilots a Mech. There is also a Daredevil, who is her supervisor as well as second mech in VEN#m.

Spider-UK’s Universe (Earth-833)

This is the home universe of Spider-Uk, the Spider Totem of the Captain Britian corps. Not much is known about this universe, but it was destroyed during the Spider-verse with Spider-UK being the only survivor until he was killed by the Inheritor Verna during Spider-Geddon.

The End of Time (Earth-14412)

Home to King Thor, this possible future is at the end of the known timeline. Gorr the God Butcher has killed most of the pantheons or have them work on his god bomb. This causes many races to become extinct and Thor, now king of Asgard, comes under constant attack from Gorr’s minion. After the defeat of Gorr’s, King Thor reignited humanity and began trying to stop the destruction of this universe.

Universal Church of Truth (Earth-7528)

In one probable future, Adam Warlock’s alternate ego, the Magus, has created a cult known as the Universal Church of Truth, with his followers worshipping him as a god. Any planet or culture that didn’t convert to this cult was destroyed by the Church’s Grand Inquisitors. Such was the fate of Gamora’s home world, before she was taken back in time by Thanos to be raised as the Universe’s deadliest woman.

What If… Venom Had Possessed the Punisher? (Earth-92164)

In this What If ? scenario, instead of bonding with Eddy Brock, instead bonded with Frank Castle, A.K.A. the Punisher, leading to a bloody war on crime.


In this gory universe, a virus has infected most of humanity turning them into zombies (though they kept their intelligence). The zombie heroes and villain began eating everything they could leading to a food scare until the Silver Surfer and later Galactus arrived. The Zombies devoured them, absorbed their power, and began to travel across not only their own universe but also other universes to find life to devourer. (NOTE: though the episode was inspired by this series, the What If…? series has little to do with his universe.)