Missing Legends Requests

If you have a particular character that you would like me to do a “Missing Legends” for, please enter it in the text box below. However, I have a few rules before you do:

  1. DO NOT SPAM THE ENTRY FORM. Try to keep it to one request at a time. You can enter another request at least a months after. If you spam the request forms, they will be marked as spam and you will not be allowed to request anymore.
  2. Try not to request characters that already have at least one figure. Use the Characters Index to see what characters have been made into a figure. This includes not requesting certain Costumes that older figures have worn (IE. No Outback Colossus).
  3. Do not request character that have a figure that got cancel. This includes the likes of Lyra or the Haslab Ghost Rider set. Hasbro has at least shown that they are interested in these characters so they may release them at some point.
  4. If the character you are requesting just happens to be a character who share the same codename as multiple people (IE Crimson Dynamo or Iron Fist), please put the Characters name before or after the character codename (IE Crimson Dynamo Anton Vanko, Crimson Dynamo (Turgenov) or Dimitri Bukharin Crimson Dynamo). Also, if you want a character from an alternate universe, just put the characters codename plus his/her universe before or after the name (Ultimate Iron Man, Thor (Ultimate), Ant-man (Earth-1610))
  5. Also, this is for Comic figures only. I love MCU and Video Games but it’s a lot easier and fun to research the Comic book version. But if there is an MCU/Gamerverse character that has yet to get a figure and you would like to know their Comic version, you can post them. (IE Mantis)
  6. No Teams (Yet). Please keep to individual character, so stuff like Alpha Flight Members or Technet Members will not be accepted. However, if the character happens to share the same name as another character and you don’t know their real name, you can use the team member instead (IE Inferno (Inhumans) and Inferno (Explamplars).
  7. No release formats please. I don’t work for Hasbro so I have no say in how something will be release, so the likes of Deluxe Grizzly or Retro card Foreman are not what I want. However, I will still accept the character.
  8. No controversial characters. That mean no Hate Monger, TrumpDOK, and of course Adolf sHitler. I don’t care that they are comic characters. They will not be made no matter what you say, and I don’t want them on my site.
  9. Have FUN. It doesn’t matter about the character. If you have a character you want to see made but others don’t, just enter it below. Maybe these will allow more people to see the character and begin liking it too. If enough people want it, maybe Hasbro will make it.