Here you will find all the characters that have used the alias Spider-man. Note: This will not include Spider-woman/girl, Scarlet Spiders or any of the likes

Prime Universe

Peter Parker
The first and most famous
Ben Reilly
Took over as Spider-man when he believed he was the real Parker
Kaine Parker
Briefly took the name to help Peter
Otto Octavius
Took over Peter’s body and became Spider-man
Mac Gargan
Became Spider-man for Osborn’s Dark Avengers
Venom Klyntar
Worn by several people who has been Spider-man
Miles Morales
Originally from the Ultimate Universe, now resides in the Prime Universe
Created by Magus to be an evil Spider-man
Hobby Brown
Would pretend to be Spid-er-man to pretect Parker’s identity
Sergei Kravenoff Became Spider-man during Kraven’s Last hunt
choose Parker to become Captain Universe
Carnage Klyntar
bonded with Reilly to become Spider-Canage

Possible Figures: Ai Apaec | Jack | Spidercide

Alternate Realities


Video Games

Live Action