Spider-man (Morales, Ultimate)


  • Real Name: Miles Gonzalo Morales
  • AKA: Sir MILES, Amazing Spider-Man, BadMachine1999, Captain Universe, Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man, Miles Davis, Mister Spider, Mister Spider-Ham, Mr. Spidey, Shadow-Spider, Sir Miles, Spider, Spider-Boy, Spider-Man Junior, Spider-Man Two, Spidey, Subject 002-004, The Second Spider, Ultimate, Web-Head, Web-Head Junior, Kid Arachnid, Thwippy, El Fantasma Negro, The Black Ghost
  • Family: Gloria Morales (maternal grandmother); Unnamed paternal grandfather;[24] Rio Morales (mother); Jefferson Davis (father); Aaron Davis (paternal uncle); Billie Morales (sister); Unnamed symbiote (former symbiote, deceased)
  • Base of Operation: Brooklyn Visions Academy, Brooklyn, New York City, New York, Earth-616; Champions Mobile Bunker; formerly Loomworld, Earth-001; The Mount, Nevada; Stark Industries Airfield, New Jersey, Earth-616; New York City, New York, Earth-1610; Avengers Academy, New York City, New York, Earth-TRN562
  • Identity: Known to Authorities Identity
  • Citizenship: American
  • Martial Status: Single
  • Occupation: Student, adventurer, vigilante
  • Education: High School Student
  • Gender: Male
  • Height: 5′ 8″ (1.73 m)
  • Weight: 160 lbs (72.57 kg)
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Hair: Black
  • Origin: Human mutate; bitten by a spider genetically enhanced with the Oz Formula.
  • Universe: Ultimate Universe (Earth-1610) But currently resides in Marvel Prime Universe (Earth-616)

This Ultimate universe character was so popular he was brought into main universe. Introduced in Ultimate Comics Fallout #4 (2011) by Brian Michael Bendis and Sara Pichelli, Miles Morales was bitten by another Oscorp genetically enhanced spider that was stolen by his uncle. He gain powers similar to that universes Spider-man but was freaked out by the powers wanting to be a normal person. However that all changed when he witness the death of Peter Parker at the hand of the Green Goblin. Feeling he could have helped, Miles decided to honor Parker by becoming the new Spider-man, first wearing a Halloween Spider-man costume. However, not everyone was happy about this as he was later attack by Spider-woman (in this universe a female clone of Peter Parker) and was taken in by SHIELD. He proved himself to them by helping the Ultimate battle, Electro. He began wearing his signature costume after that.

He began fighting crime as the new Spider-man, battling the likes of Omega Red and even his own Uncle, who was the Prowler. He would eventually meet Aunt May and Gwen Stacy, who gave him Peter’s web shooters and would receive training from Captain America, joining the Ultimates as well. In the Prime universe, Prime Spider-man discovered Mysterio trying to enter the Ultimate universe. Prime Spider-man wound up in the Ultimate universe and met Miles. The two would team up and defeat Mysterio. Before returning home, Parker told Miles that if Parker’s counterpart was still alive, he would be proved of Miles. During a fierce battle with Venom, Miles saw his mother die after she revealed that she knew of him being Spider-man. This saw him give up the identity for a year.He would later return to the identity. He would later reveal his identity to his father but he rejected him, blaming him for the death of his mother and uncle. He would join the Young Ultimates after the main team was disbanded.

Miles and Spider-woman was eventually attacked by the Inheritors and was saved by the Superior Spider-man (Doc Ock) and joined up with him during the Spider-man. He would later joined Prime Parker’s spider-army and would be assigned to recruit as many Spiders as he could with the Cartoon Ultimate Spider-man. After a few more battles and gaining the respect and approval of a revive Peter Parker (Ultimate), Miles became involved in the incursions, which saw him hitchhiking a ride on Reed Richard arc before the multiverse was destroyed and changed into Battleworld by Doom. Beside the Maker, this makes him the only Ultimate hero to have his memories of the old multi-verse. Along with Prime Parker, he snuck into Doom’s castle and discovered Molecule man. Wanting something to eat, Miles gave him a burger. Because of this, when the multiverse was restore, Molecule man merge Miles timeline with the Prime Universe, reviving his mother and other and having his friends exist in the prime universe. Miles and his friends and family’s memories would be altered to believe they were from this universe.

Now in the Prime universe, Peter Parker would become Miles’ mentor and Miles would join the Avengers later. While in the team, he would begin a close friendship with Sam Alexander and Kamala Khan. Before the second Civil War really took off, the heroes received a vision of Miles standing over Cap’s body. This lead to Captain Marvel (Danvers) trying to arrest him before he did anything and Iron Man trying to stop her. He escaped and eventually arrive at Capitol Hill which saw a battle with Danvers side and the eventual death of Iron Man who tried to protect Miles. Miles quit the Avengers with Nova after this and would later help found the new Champions team. He would later become involved in the fight against the evil Cap but defied faith when he refused to kill Cap after Cap had killed Black Widow in front of him.

He would later battle his Uncle again, who had taken on the Iron Spider identity and formed the Sinister Six. He would help Parker battle the Red Goblin and would become one of the leaders of the Spider-army against the Inheritors, where he became Captain Universe for a while. He would eventually leave the Champions and later be corrupted by a symbiote during Absolute Carnage.

Ever since his debut, Miles has quickly become one of the most popular and fan favorite characters in Marvel ever. As such he has gotten a few figures over the years. His first Marvel Legends style figure was part of an exclusive line for the Amazing Spider-man 2 movie. He would receive and new and much better figure in the Spider-man Space Venom wave, alongside Ultimate Peter Parker.


Recommend Figure:  Hasbro Marvel Legends Spider-man Space Venom wave – Ultimate Spider-men Miles Morales

  • Background:
    • While he originally wore a store bought Halloween Spider-man costume, after he gained the approval of Spider-woman, Miles gained a new costume that would become his signature costume, which has been adapted into multiple media, including Cartoons, games and films.
  • Why you need it for your collection?:
    • If you are a Spider-man or Spider-verse/geddon fan, then Miles is an absolute most. You will also need him for your Avengers collection, particularly the All-New, All-Different team as well as the Champions. If you are into having various universes on different shelves, then you will need this for your Ultimate Universe display.
  • Does it need a remake?:
    • No. Near perfect as is.

Beyond Corporation

Recommend Figure: Hasbro Marvel Legends Spider-man Retro Wave 3 – Miles Morales Spider-man

  • Background:
    • After his suit was torn during his own Clone Saga, Kenneth Kingston would design a new suit for him.
  • Why do you need it for your collection?
    • If you want his more modern design, you may want to get this. It can also be got for a Spider-Verse collection.
  • Does it need a remake?
    • No. 


Below you will find a gallery of suits that still need to be made. I have included what I think are the possibilities of them being made. Note that these are my personal opinions and not facts. Please let me know if I have missed anything.