Retro NCS, Alts and Updates – Machine Man

Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. Today we begin looking back at the first of the Age of Ultron line up with a look at the All-Father wave. But as always with these Retro lookbacks, let’s talk about the wave itself. You may notice I called this an Age of Ultron wave. Well, it was this wave that started Hasbro’s pattern of releasing multiple waves of the same Movie with some of the waves being fully based on the comic. This year saw three waves released under this line up, with the last two having MCU figures. However, this wave is something I want to talk about more as there are several things they did for this wave. The first and foremost is that they started releasing previously cancelled figures like Sentry, Hawkeye and Iron Fist. This wave also saw a thread that Hasbro did that has different figures with the exact same packaging. This was mostly a cost-effective thing and would last for a while. Hasbro also experimented with the BAF by giving these swap figures with different parts for the BAF which would allow you to make Odin or King Thor. This idea didn’t last at all.

As for the character we got in this wave, I have already done an NCS for Captain Marvel (Danvers), Scarlet Witch, Thor, Hawkeye, Iron Fist and one of the BAF option, Odin. That leaves only three left, so we start with Machine Man. Now before someone says it to me, the reason I haven’t mentioned the Nextwave onwards is because it has recently been retconned that the Machine Man from Nextwave and the Iron man series, is NOT the same Machine Man from the earlier books. He is an imposter who is using the Machine Man identity for himself. It is currently unknown if the Machine Man who partnered up with Red Hulk and Red She-Hulk is the same Machine Man. This figure is based on the more human friendly classic version.

I have also updated the Bonebreaker wave figures with new product images. That’s the Wolverine, Sabretooth, Darwin, Siryn, Vulcan, Havok and Maggott.

Finally the following Alternates have been added:

Next time we will look at the insane Super-man rip-off, Sentry.

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