Top 10 couples you may want for your collection

Hey, my fellow Plastic Addict. I hope you are all having a great Valentine’s Day. I just happened to be off work today so I thought I would have some fun and make a list of 10 couples from Marvel that you may want to display in your collection next to each other. I tried to make a list of characters that have figures from both Toybiz and Hasbro. I will also be doing only comic book couple so no I will not include Tony Stark and Peper Potts. They haven’t been a true couple for an extremely long time if ever.

10. Wiccan and Hulking

There has probably been no truer couple that represent the LGBTS community better than the recently married Hulking and Wiccan.

09. Machine Man and Jocasta

This is included because I am sick of seeing people putting her with Ultron. She rejected him the minute she activated and has never been a couple since. However, Machine man and Jocasta just prove you don’t have to be human to fall in love. Heck, in one possible future, they even had children (don’t ask me how though).

08. Daredevil and Elektra

Matt and Elektra may have been at odds with each other more than they have been a couple but there is an attraction between the two that they can’t deny.

07. Cyclops and Jean Grey

He may have a habit of being an unfaithful prick (see Madelyne Pryor and Emma Frost), but Cyclops is surprisingly devoted to Jean. They are the X-men’s power couple.

06. Hulk and Betty Ross

Betty had been devoted to Bruce for many years, only marrying Talbot because she believed Hulk was dead. They would eventually marry but have separated. They still love each other.

05. Captain America and Sharon Carter

No. Not Peggy. Steve Rogers love interest in the comics is Sharon Carter. The two have been a truly romantic couple for decades now. Don’t believe me. Well Sharon was pregnant with Steve’s baby until it was killed in a fight with Sin. They each proposed to each other, but events prevented them from answering. Hell, even when Steve was turn back into a young man and Sharon was older, he remains dedicated to her.

04. Vision and Scarlet Witch

This couple truly show that love can be found with anyone. Vision and Wanda’s romance has seen its ups and downs, but they really do love each other. They may not be together anymore, but they often have meals together as friends.

03. Spider-man and Mary-Jane Watson

Sorry Marvel but no matter how much you want to have Peter dating different woman, fan know that there is only one woman for the Web head and that’s Mary-Jane Watson. Now please bring back their marriage.

02. Mr. Fantastic and Invisible woman

The original Marvel couple. Sue and Reed have been married since the 60’s and while they have broken up a few times, they remain extremely devoted to each other. Sure, Reed may put more effort into his work but if his wife and family were ever threatened, he would drop anything to protect them.

01. Luke Cage and Jessica Jones

To many people, Luke Cage and Jessica Jones are the perfect married couple. They are easily able to balance their heroic with their marriage raise a baby together. (Hell, most call them the best parents in all of comics).

Well, that is my (note the word) Top 10 couple you may want for your collection. Let me know what is your top 10 or let me know how wrong I am in the comments below or over on any of the social media sites.


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