• Real Name: Odin Borson
  • AKA: All-Father, Val-Father, the All-God, Atum-Re, Infinity, Wōden/Woden (Anglo-Saxon name), Wotan (Old High German name), Wulf the Wanderer, the Wild Huntsman, Orrin, Farma-god, Hanga-god, Hapta-god, Harbard, Odin One-Eye, Sigtyr, Wad, Raven-God, Odin the Usurper, Usurper, Destroyer, Desecrator, Odin Giant-Killer
  • Family: Buri (Tiwaz) (paternal grandfather); Bolthorn (maternal grandfather); Bor Burison (father, deceased); Bestla (mother); Mimir Burison (paternal uncle); Njord (paternal uncle); Skadi (paternal aunt); Vili, Ve, Cul (brothers); Frigga (wife); Freyr (father-in-law); Gullveig (sister-in-law); Thor (son by Jord); Vidar (son by Grid); Balder (son by Frigga); Tyr, Hermod (allegedly sons by Frigga); Angela (daughter by Frigga); Laussa (daughter by Frigga and Surtur); Red Norvell (adopted son); Loki (adopted son, deceased); Hoder (nephew); Aske and Embla (creation, deceased); Donald Blake (creation) Large extended family by Loki and others
  • Base of Operation: City of Asgard, Asgard
  • Identity: No Dual Identity
  • Citizenship: Asgardian
  • Martial Status: Married
  • Occupation: Deity; Monarch of Asgard, Asgardian Sky Father; Asgardian God of the Sky, Wind, Wisdom, Crafts, Time and the Dead; Warrior
  • Education: 
  • Gender: Male
  • Height: 6′ 9″ (2.06 m)
  • Weight: 650 lbs (294.83 kg) 700lbs in prime
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Hair: White formerly blond
  • Unusual Feature: Missing one eye
  • Origin: Asgardian Son of an Aesir and a Frost Giantess; Deity
  • Universe: Marvel Prime Universe (Earth-616)

He is either a caring father or an arrogant fool. Mostly the later. Introduced in Journey into Mystery #85 (1962) by Stan Lee, Larry Lieber and Jack Kirby, Odin is the king of the Asgardian, who was believed to be gods by the Norse people. He became king after his father, Bor, was frozen by a time traveling Loki. At some point he went to Earth, fell in love with a host of the Phoenix and joined a primitive version of the Avengers, battling the Celestials. Skipping a few millennia, he had a child with Gaea, the goddess of Earth, who would become his son Thor. He also adopted Loki, whose father he killed in battle.

Later, after Thor broke a peace agreement, Odin cast him down to Earth in the limp body of Dr. Donald Blake. He also throw Thor’s hammer down to Earth in the form of a walking stick. Thor eventually found this and proved himself worthy to wield the hammer. However against Odin’s wishes, Thor choose to remain on Earth and helped humans instead of taking his place in Asgard. Odin and Thor would clash over this but Odin eventually realised that he couldn’t force his views upon his son. Odin would also fall into the Odinsleep or died/disappeared, leaving Thor to take the crown of Asgard. Odin would also fight for Earth many times, like when his brother Cull threatened to destroy the planet.

Odin has been a requested figure for years. According to a panel after they lost the licence, Toybiz had planned for Odin to be a BAF of a wave but it was never made. Hasbro made a version of Odin, that was a BAF of an Avengers wave with swappable parts with King Thor.


Recommend Figure:  Hasbro Marvel Legends Avengers All-Father wave Wave Odin (BAF)

  • Background:
    • I can’t find what this design is based on but I remember around the time that King Thor was introduced, Odin was seen wearing a similar costume.
  • Why you need it for your collection?:
    • If you are a Thor fan, then having a Odin figure, as he is one of his most important supporting cast. It could also be using for an Avengers (allies or BC) version.
  • Does it need a remake?:
    • No.


Below you will find a gallery of suits that still need to be made. I have included what I think are the possibilities of them being made. Note that these are my personal opinions and not fact. Please let me know if I have missed anything.

NOTE: I didn’t include every costume of Odin as there are too many to find and include.



Alternates: Odin Borson (Multiverse)

Family: Odinson’s Family