• Real Name: Alexander “Alex” Summers
  • AKA: Magistrate Summers, Goblin Prince, Alex Blanding, Tron
  • Family:  Oscar Summers (adoptive paternal distant ancestor, deceased); Daniel Summers (paternal distant ancestor, deceased); Amanda Mueller (paternal distant ancestor, deceased); Gloria Dayne (paternal distant ancestor); unnamed paternal great-grandfather (deceased); unnamed paternal great-grandmother (deceased); Philip Summers (paternal grandfather); Deborah Summers (paternal grandmother); Christopher Summers (father); Katherine Summers (mother, deceased); Andrew Blanding (adoptive father); Joanna Blanding (adoptive mother); Scott Summers (brother); Gabriel Summers (brother); Ahmet Abdol (“brother” via X-Gene transfer); Haley Blanding (adoptive sister); Todd Blanding (adoptive brother, deceased); Madelyne Pryor-Summers (sister-in-law/clone of second sister-in-law); Jean Grey-Summers (sister-in-law); Cal’syee Neramani (sister-in-law); Madelyne Pryor-Summers (alternate reality wife); Scotty Summers (alternate reality son); Katie Summers (alternate reality daughter); Nathan Summers (nephew, deceased); Aliya Dayspring (alternate reality niece, deceased) Hope Summers (alternate reality niece, deceased) Rachel Grey (alternate reality niece); Rachel Summers (Mother Askani) (alternate reality niece, deceased); Nate Grey (alternate reality nephew); Stryfe (nephew’s clone, deceased); Tyler Dayspring (great-nephew, deceased); Hope Summers (adoptive great-niece);
  • Base of Operation: Krakoa, Pacific Ocean; Blue Area of the Moon; formerly New Tian, California; New Charles Xavier School for Mutants, near Roanoke, Alberta, Canada; Jean Grey School for Higher Learning, Salem Center, North Salem, Westchester County, New York; Avengers Mansion, Manhattan, New York City, New York; X-Factor Investigations Headquarters; Starjammer; X-Factor HQ, Washington D.C., Maryland; Genosha; Cooterman’s Creek, Australian Outback, Australia; Alcatraz Island, San Francisco Bay, California; Rio Diablo, New Mexico; Mutant Research Center, Muir Island; Alexandria, Virginia
  • Identity: Public Identity
  • Citizenship: American, Krakoan
  • Martial Status: Single
  • Occupation: Adventurer; former private investigator, graduate student, space pirate
  • Education: Masters degree in geophysics, some doctoral research completed
  • Gender: Male
  • Height: 6′ 0″ (1.83 m)
  • Weight: 175 lbs (79.38 kg)
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Hair: Blond
  • Unusual Feature: Formerly left side of the face partially scarred
  • Origin: Mutant
  • Universe: Marvel Prime Universe (Earth-616)

It’s not easy being the brother of Cyclops. Introduced in X-Men #54 by Arnold Drake and Don Heck, Alex was separated from his brother after he was adopted following his parents’ plane crash. Alex would send years apart until Alex was kidnapped by the Living Monolith. The X-men rescued him but he didn’t join the team until Bolivar Trask sent Sentinels to capture him. Trask gave him the codename Havok. While on the team, he met and fell in love with Polaris, leading to a long relationship between the two. However both would eventually leave the X-men to continue their college degrees.

While he would return to the X-men a few times, he would usually leave shortly after. He would eventually be approached to lead a new Government sponsored X-Factor team. He would remain with the team until he was brainwashed by Dark Beast to serve Onslaught. He would eventually create his own Brotherhood and in a battle with Greystone, Havok was believed killed. While he body was destroyed, his mind was sent to the body of an alternate reality version of him, the leader of Mutant X. He would eventually return to the Prime universe and rejoin the X-men. After finding out that he had another younger brother, he joined Xavier in space to stop Vulcan as a member of the Starjammers.

When he returned to Earth, he joined the X-Factor Investigation and eventually lead the team after Multiple Man’s death. After the AVX, Havok was invited to lead a joint X-men and Avengers team, the Uncanny X-men, where he began a relationship with Wasp. He would leave the team after he was turned evil in Axis and joined his brother’s renegade X-men. He would aid Emma Frost in making the X-men believe that Black Bolt had killed Cyclops, knowing this wasn’t the case and that he had died by the Terrigen Mist. He has since died and was resurrected to join mutant kind in Krakoa. He would join and lead a new team of Hellions.

Unlike his brother, Havok hasn’t had many figures over the years. His first ML was part of a Walmart Exclusive Giant Man series from Toybiz. He was supposed to get another figure in the X-men Classic line but that line was cancelled before it was made. His next figure was part of the Hasbro Juggernaut wave. During the 80th Anniversary line, he received a Fan Channel exclusive 2-pack with Polaris.

First Costume

Recommend Figure:  Hasbro Marvel Legends X-men Bonebreaker wave – Havok

  • Background:
    • This is Havok first costume that was given to him by Bolivar Trask. He designed it to show how much power he would have. It would also be considered his classic look as he would return to it a number of times, like the recent Hellions book.
  • Why you need it for your collection?:
    • If you want a classic Havok for the original X-men, you will need this as well as other teams, including the modern Hellions. He has reused this costume multiple times over the years.
  • Does it need a remake?:
    • No.

Government Sponsored X-factor

Recommend Figure:  Hasbro Fan Channel exclusive Marvel Legends 80th anniversary X-factor 2-pack – Havok with Polaris

  • Background:
    • After the original X-factor team returned to the X-men, the US Government used this opportunity to create own team of mutants in the X-factor. Havok was asked to lead the team. The team would gain a similar costume design but with each given a unique flair to them. This is Havok. It is also the costume he wore in the 90’s cartoon.
  • Why you need it for your collection?:
    • Hasbro has been building this team over the years with only one character in the right costume that needs to be made (Wolfsbane). If you want to complete that team you will need this figures as well as the Polaris figure he comes with.
  • Does it need a remake?:
    • No.

Uncanny Avengers

Recommend Figure:  Hasbro Marvel Legends X-men Juggernaut wave – Havok

  • Background:
    • After the war between the X-men and Avengers, Havok became disgruntled with his brother. When Captain America approached Havok to lead a new team that would be a combination of X-men and Avengers, he accept. This is basically an update to his first costume.
  • Why you need it for your collection?:
    • Another team that hasbro is close to completing, if you want to build the Uncanny Avengers, then you will need this. If you have no interest in the modern teams, then skip.
  • Does it need a remake?:
    • No BUT if they were to re-release it with a burnt face, I wouldn’t mind.


Below you will find a gallery of suits that still need to be made. I have included what I think are the possibilities of them being made. Note that these are my personal opinions and not facts. Please let me know if I have missed anything.


Universe: Prime Universe (Earth-616)