Retro NCS – Starlord

Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. Today, we finish off the first Guardians of the Galaxy wave (the MCU Groot wave) as well as finish off the five main members of the team by looking at the team leader, Star-Lord. Now before someone says it to me, I have checked several sources, and all have confirmed that this Star-Lord is NOT the same Star-Lord from both of Steve Englehart’s mini-series. It has been confirmed that both of those versions took place in alternate universes and besides the names, have very little to do with the Prime Star-Lord. Check out Comic Drake’s video to learn more about it.

That being said, the MCU version seems to be borrowed from the original story line a little bit. Oh, and I have done a NCS for Star-Lord (MCU) as well as the only MCU GOTG that I have yet to do, Drax (MCU). Nothing remarkable about either of them.

That finishes off that wave so next time we will start looking at the next wave released, the King Thor/Odin wave, by looking at Machine Man.


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