Here you will find all the character that have become a Goblin, be it Green, Hob, Demo etc. Since they are so similar this will also include Jack O’Lanterns in this page as well. NOTE: This does not include the X-men’s Goblin Queen or the likes.


Nroman Osborn
First and current Green Goblin
Harry Osborn
Became Green Goblin for revenge against Spider-man
Bart Hamilton
Harry’s psychologist who tricked Harry into given him the equipment

Phil Urich
Tried to become a heroic Goblin

Possible Figures: Green Goblin V


Roderick Kingsley First Hobgoblin who stole Osborn’s formula and tech
Lefty Donovan
Forced to become Hobgoblin’s test subject
Ned Leeds
Brainwashed into believing he was Hobgoblin
Jason Macendale
Believe to have killed the original Hobgoblin to take the role
Daniel Kingsley
Impersonated his brother before being killed by Urich
Phil Urich Killed Daniel Kingsley and stole the Hobgoblin tech

Possible Figures: Secret War Hobgoblin

Jack O’Lantern

Jason Macendale
First JOL but gave it up to become Hobgoblin
Steven Levins
Second and most frequent JOL

Crime Master’s personal assassin

Possible Figures: Daniel Berkhart | Maguire Beck | Jack O’Lantern (Impostor) | “Jason Macendale Jr.”


First fused with Macendale before separating becoming Demogoblin
Phil Urich
would become Goblin Knight and later Goblin King

Possible Figures:

Goblin By Night – Harry Russell | Norman Russell

Grey Goblin | Menance | Monster