Character Updates – Post-Pulse-Con 03/10/22

Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. With the Pulse-Con, behind us we have a total of twelve old characters that have gotten a new figure, some updates to old figures and some brand-new costumes. As such the following pages have been updated:

  • Characters will updates to old costumes
    • Iron Man – added the retro version. I left the Ursa Major wave version so you can decided which version you want more, the gold or yellow versions.
    • Daredevil – Classic Red has been updated and replaced
    • Elektra – Resurrected White has been updated and replaced
    • Moonstone – her Osborn’s Thunderbolts version got a new figure but if you have the Box set version or may want to skip.
    • Longshot (Mojoverse) – Added the retro version. However, I kept the Mojoverse box set for people to decide for themselves
    • Phoenix – added the Retro Dark Phoenix but left the older one because it’s not that much different except for the colors.
    • Wolverine – replaced the 2-pack training suit with the retro wave version
  • Characters that got a whole new costume
    • Bullseye – got a new figure based on his solo series.
    • Multiple Man – receive a new costume in his original version.
    • Banshee – added the new training suit figure.
    • Storm – added the new training suit figure
    • Star-Lord – Added the classic homage version. Yes I will eventually do the Classic version as his own page.

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