Ideal Box set – Werewolf By Night

Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. Over the weekend, we had a ton of reveals and of which were old characters that got new figures. These will be updated either tonight or tomorrow. We also have NYCC this weekend, which Dan has confirmed will have new reveals as well. So, I thought with the Werewolf by Night special coming out this week (Friday, 7th Oct), I thought I would do an Ideal Box set. I decided to do a box set for this instead of a wave, as there is little chance, we will get a wave for this special. I also thought to make this set mostly just repaints. Think of it like how Amazon have been doing the box set for the past couple of years, like the Spider-man set and the Wolverine sets.

The Theme for this box set: Monsters

And that’s the box set. As for why I picked each of them:

  • Werewolf By Night – This is a WBN box set so he must be in it. This is one I’m surprised Hasbro hasn’t made as it’s the easiest to make with either the Jackal or Puma build.
  • Man-Thing – I think the most surprising thing about the trailer is that we saw that Man-Thing is making his MCU debut. This will be a straight repaint of the BAF that was released a few years back. Maybe fill that hole in his back with a branch.
  • Vampire By Night – I wanted to include a Vampire in this set but I also wanted to leave the Count to the eventual Blade wave next year. Then I remembered that there was a hero who not only is part werewolf but is also related to Jack Russel, being his niece. She was subject to the same curse as her uncle, but a vampire bite causes her to become a Vampire with the strength of a Werewolf. This will use Shriek body with a new double-jointed jacket.
  • Frankenstein’s Monster – Next we have another figure that was in the old TB box set, Frankenstein’s Monster. I think we saw him in the trailer, so he is included here. This will use the Hercules mold with a new jacket.
  • Elsa Bloodstone – Lastly, we have another figure that will be a straight repaint. She is in the special as well, but her original figure was part of a Toys-R-Us close to when the retail chain closed down. Since David Nakayama is currently working with Hasbro on the packaging, then Hasbro should repaint it and give it a new head similar to the image he did for Dr. Strange.

Well what do you think? Would you buy this? And if you had a choice of making an Amazon style box set (must be full of repaints), what would you make? Let me know in the comments below or on any of the social media sites.


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