NCS – Baron Heinrich Zemo and Mojo

Hey my fellow Plastic Addict. I’m off work for the week (it was supposed to be my sisters wedding) so you know what that means. That’s right a week long worth of NCS (hopefully). We start off the week by finishing off the main line of Toybiz’s Marvel Legends. That’s right. Out of the main line (as in no Box sets, 2-packs, or exclusives) Hasbro has yet to do a version (be it a remake or new costume) of 12 characters (give or take). Those include ToadHoward The Duck (Duckworld)DoopBlack Widow (Belova)VengeanceDeathlok (Collins)Iron Fist (H’ylthri)BlackheartRedwing, Longshot (Mojoverse) and the 2 we will talk about today. (For those that will say it, this does not include movie characters, the Destroyer (not a character with a personality but an armor) or Ogun (that was a base not an action figure).) 

For today we will finish the Mojo series with a look that Baron Zemo (Heinrich). I think many people were disappointed when TB announced this years ago because it wasn’t his son. However, this Zemo was one of the Avengers and Cap’s original villain and was the person that set up the Masters of Evils. He is an extremely important character for your collection.

Also up today we have Longshot’s arch-enemy and the TV mogul, Mojo (Mojoverse). While Toybiz did a great version of this, looking at it next to the modern Hasbro version, he really needs an update. In fact on of the first character I thought about when I saw they were doing BAF size Deluxe figures like MODOK was Mojo, though I don’t mind if it was a BAF for a wave.

Tomorrow we will start over to the Toybiz box sets. Since I have done an NCS for all the characters in the Urban Legends, X-men Legends and the Spider-man VS. the Sinister Six box set, we will jump into the Fantastic Four box set with the one figure that is exclusive to the set as of now, Franklin Richards, aka Powerhouse as well as the robot replacement HERBIE.

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