400th NCS – Redwing and Longshot

Hey my fellow Plastic Addict and Happy Paddy’s day to my fellow Irishmen. Truth be told, I wanted to do a ‘top 10 Irish men that need to be made in Marvel Legends’ list but there are actually very few Irish heroes and villains in Marvel, most being stereotypes. Marvel, indeed all comic publishers, we do not have that ridiculous accent (only those from the north do), we are not all redhead (in fact we are more brown or black haired) and we do not all own a frigging Pub. The only 3 that need to be made (IMO) are Siryn, Shamrock (classic not the shit version she is like now) and a redone Banshee.

That rant out of the way, today we look at we start a look at the final wave of Toybiz that have yet to be remade into Hasbro figures. We start off with a look at Falcon’s pet falcon, Redwing. Hasbro really blow it when they released Falcon in the Joe Fixit wave and not have Redwing in with him. That is like having Cap without his shield or Thor without his hammer/axe. Redwing should always come with Falcon.

Next up we have the first non-mutant and non-human member of the X-men, Longshot (Mojoverse). It’s actually surprising that we haven’t gotten an update to this one as Hasbro has the perfect mold for it in the Starlord / AIM soldier mold. Hell they have all the straps for it. All they really need to do is swap out the head and hands. Are they waiting for themselves to do Mojo? If so then I can wait.

Finally as you may have notice in the title Redwing make the 400th Near Complete set I have done. A few of the have been removed as they were all talking about comic character, even though the only figures we have MCU figure. But that is 400 characters. Yes I may have gone a bit overboard with the likes of all the Wendigos and Union Jack but that was something I wanted to do to broaden people’s knowledge as many people think they are the same characters. I really enjoy doing this as it’s lots of fin finding out about characters history and costumes so thanks for sticking with me for all these years and many more years to come.

Also an announcement for next week. I happen to be off all of next week (and the Monday after) so expect a few week of new NCS coming (hopefully) everyday next week starting Monday to the Monday after. When we start, we will finish off Toybiz regular line with a look at the man who “killed” Bucky, Baron Heinrich Zemo and Longshot’s arch-nemesis, Mojo.

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