Character Updates – 07/12/22

Hey, my fellow Plastic Addict. While I won’t be doing new NCS until after the New Years, I will be doing some updates like from all the reveals from the yesterday’s livestream. Out of all the figure shown we have gotten 6/7 new characters, 4 updates to old figures and 6 new costumes for old characters. So let see what new figures we got.

  • Remakes:
    • Blob – replaced the BAF version with the new deluxe version.
    • Cyclops – replaced the Astonishing X-men version.
    • Emma Frost – replace the Astonishing X-men version
    • Forge – added the 3-pack version to the Classic section.
  • New Costumes
    • Banshee – replaced the older image of the 3-pack version with the new, clearer one
    • Storm – replaced the older image with the 3-pack version.
    • Jubilee – added the 3-pack version under Training Suit
    • Gambit – replaced the older image
    • Psylocke – added the new Training Suit version.
    • Rogue – Added the Outback version.
    • Spider-man (Gamerverse) – replace the old Advance suit with the new one.

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