News – Hasbro Livestream 06/12/22

Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. Today Hasbro had their December livestream with the Marvel team and there were a ton of reveals. Because next year is the X-men’s 60th anniversary, they had most of the stream focused on the mutants, with only two figures that weren’t from the X-men. They started off by fulling revealing the X-men 3-pack with Psylocke joining Banshee and Gambit, and Forge and Jubilee joining Storm. All of them are in the training suits, as depicted on the Uncanny X-men #275. These will be available everywhere and are up for Pre-order Thursday at 1pm ET (6pm GMT).

Next, they went off and officially revealed the Blob figure that was leaked a few months back, but they also revealed the Outback X-men Rogue figure that was leaked a month’s back. Blob is available everywhere and Rogue is a Fan Channel exclusive, but both are also up for Pre-order on Thursday.

They end went onto reveal a new Gamerverse Spider-man (based on the upcoming Insomniac Spider-man 2 game). This will be a fan channel exclusive. They also revealed a Retro Card Kraven the Hunter with colors from the Animated show. This will be a Walmart exclusive. Neither will be up for Pre-order for a while.

After they had their fun with the Drafting of the year, they went onto reveal the next X-men wave for 2023. They didn’t reveal the Baf and this won’t be up for Pre-order until next year. The wave, which was leaked a few months back, will have Astonishing X-men Cyclops and Emma Frost, Cyclops’ Dad Corsair, Generation X Monet and Chamber, The Imperial Guard member Fang and X-Force Kid Omega. They also confirmed that another member of the Starjammers will be coming and with one of the teases being Cr’reee, it more or less confirms that Ch’od is coming, either as the X-men wave BAF, a deluxe or 2-pack.

And about that tease I mention, Cr’reee was revealed alongside with a Rose (which we are all assuming is for the Spider-man villain and Kingpin’s son, the Rose) and golf club, which is baffling everyone.


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