Retro NCS – Magus, MCU Mantis, Echo and Pagon

Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. Today is a special day for this site. Not because it’s our anniversary or anything like that. No. It is the fact that after about six years of doing NCS we have now caught up with all the waves that have been released into general retail (as in all stores). While I did start at the Toybiz series, I decided to prioritize all the new reveals that was coming from Hasbro at the time, with the first being the SDCC Battle for Asgard set and the Man-Thing wave. I did this to allow people to learn all about the new characters before they bought the figures. Whenever I caught-up with those, I started doing older waves and now I have caught up with them. There is still a few 2-packs that were released to general retail (couple of which we look at today) and the dreaded Exclusives but for now all general retail BAF/Retro waves are done…………………………………Until next week when Hasbro reveals some more during Hascon.

Speaking of which, we finish off the GOTG Vol. 2 wave with a look at a swappable head that made us buy two the same figures and the dark side of Adam Warlock, Magus (Universal Church of Truth). I generally liked Hasbro idea of giving us a swappable head that gives us a completely new character.

We also talk about Mantis (MCU). I would say to people unless you must have every member of the MCU GOTG, then you can skip this. I see this being released as part of the Vol. 3 line. Granted if may be a different costume, but it’s better than buying the aftermarket price for this BAF.

Next, we go back even further near the end of the Dark Days of ML when Hasbro tried to keep the line alive by replacing waves with only 2-packs. These included Elektra + Hawkeye (Ronin), Mr. Fantastic + The Thing, Captain America (Ultimate) + Nick Fury (Ultimate, will be done next week) and Wolverine + Forge. Speaking of Elektra and Ronin, I have done the NCS of Elektra (Pagon) and Echo, as she was the one who wore the Ronin suit first.

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