Retro NCS + Alt – Anti-Venom Klyntar and Ultimate Spider-woman

Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. Today we continue our look at the early waves of the Infinity line by looking at the Hobgoblin wave. After the success of the “Amazing Spider-man 2” wave, Hasbro decided to keep it going with a second wave but with only comic book figures. This wave proved even more successful and was the true start of the Spider-man sub-line (which was the replacement for the Spider-man Classic line). It also continues the trand of one box design for 2 separate characters, this time with Spider-Girl and Ultimate Spider-woman being called “Warriors of the Web”.

I have already done a NCS for Spider-man, Spider-Girl (M2C), Spider-man 2099, Daredevil and the BAF Hobgoblin (Urich) so let look at the 2 remaining characters. One of the I technically did before with Venom (Brock) but this is about the Klyntar, Anti-Venom (Klyntar). As for the figure, I do think it should get a remake but it’s not on my list of priorities.

We also look at one of five clones created by the Ultimate Doc Ock and probably the most famous, Spider-woman (Ultimate). I do hope we get at least the Ultimate Tarantula or Ultimate Scorpion at some point but it seems Hasbro has forgotten that this universe exists, as we haven’t gotten anything from it since the Ultimate Spider-men.

I also added an alternate for Jessica Drew (Multiverse).

Next time we will begin looking at the remaining figure at the second Age of Ultron wave (the Thanos wave) by looking at the French savate villain, Batroc the Leaper.

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