Retro NCS – Batroc the Leaper

Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. Today we begin our look at the second Age of Ultron wave. This wave was surprising when he was first revealed as it wasn’t officially revealed. You see at the time we had no idea this wave was coming but someone managed to buy the full set before Hasbro had even revealed it. It may have been this (and a few others) that Hasbro started implementing the “Do Not Open” dates in their products.

Anyway, onto the wave. I have already I have already done a NCS for Iron Man (MCU), Captain America (MCU), The Hulk (MCU), Spider-woman (Jessica Drew) and the BAF Thanos so let talk about the figure that was originally a part of a Mini-Baf Jubilee wave that was cancelled, the French Savate user, Batroc The Leaper. I honestly think this is one of the most important Cap villains. People look at him and think he is a goofy stereotype, but he is one of the best fighters in Marvel. Hell, he fought and nearly defeated Batman, frigging Batman!!

Next time we will look at the last of the main members of the Defenders, a character that existed before the Marvel Universe (kind of), Patsy Walker, Hellcat.

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