Captain Universes

Here you will find every character that has been chosen by the Enigma Force and has become Captain Universe. For the history of Captain Universe, please check the Captain Universe character page (coming eventually).

Prime Universe

NOTE: Because many of the male Captain Universe share the same design as the figure, I will put them in this list. I will do an individual NCS for them eventually.

Enigma Force
The living power behind Captain universe
Ray Coffin
First known Captain Universe
Stephen Strange
Fused with Arcturus Rann
Peter Parker
Probably the most famous
Wade Wilson
Became CU to stop Thanos from destroying all life.
Steve Coffin
Second CU and Ray’s son
Bruce Banner/Hulk
First to become CU twice
Laura Kinney
Became CU twice
Miles Morales
First to make the Enigma Force give him the powers instead of been chosen
Arcturus Rann
Fused with Dr. Strange
Cain Marko
Given the power after Nguyen tried to get revenge against him
Eddie Brock
Given the power to battle the Force’s mortal enemy, Knull

Possible Figures: Ann Dodgson | Clare Dodgson | Monty Walsh | Delayne Masters | Edward Price | Jeffrey Christiansen | Elijah Jackson | Roland Taylor | Krosakis | William Nguyen | Tamara Devoux | Unnamed Phalanx | L’Matto