Retro NCS – Moonstone, Satana and Blastaar

Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. Today we begin our look back at all the characters that have been released as an exclusive of some sort over the past two decades starting with the SDCC exclusives. SDCC, in my opinion, have been the highlight of many years with characters that you could get into a general store, for religious or violent reason, into the hands of collector. Take one of the box set we talk about today, the Thunderbolts box set of 2013. I already did Luke Cage, Ghost and Crossbones so let talk about Moonstone, who, side note, was supposed to be released in retail but her wave, the original Jubilee mini-BAF wave, got cancelled.

We also talked about Satana, who is one of the characters I talked about not being able to be released into general retail due to her name and demonic nature. It would be the same for her brother. Thus, the reason she is Judith Chambers in this set.

Moving onto the next year, we look at the Thanos Imperative box set. I already did Black Bolt, Medusa, Star-Lord and Gladiator so let’s look at the only remaining character in the set, the Negative Zone leader that can shoot blasts from his fingers, Blastaar. Unlike Satana, there is nothing that prevents this character from being released in retail. In fact, I predict we may see him as a BAF in the future, hopefully in his classic suit.

With PulseCon on this weekend with the Marvel Team on Friday, we will have some new characters to talk about as well as a few updates. I will say though that Hasbro WILL NOT reveal many of the lists that were leaked on Sunday, as that is a list for the full year and some of them haven’t had trailer made for them released yet. But when that is done we will do the last SDCC box set I have yet to do and look at the Raft’s Purple Man and Dreadknight.


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