Luke Cage


  • Real Name: Luke Cage (legally changed from Carl Lucas)
  • AKA: Ace of Spades, Black Avenger, Black-Man, Hero for Hire, Mark Lucas, Mr. Street-Tough Black, Power Man
  • Family: James Lucas (father); Esther Lucas (mother, deceased); Joanne Lucas (step-mother); James Lucas Jr. (brother, deceased); Jessica Jones (wife); Danielle Cage (daughter); Mrs. Campbell (mother in-law, deceased); Dave Campbell (father in-law, deceased); Phillip Campbell (brother in-law, deceased);
  • Base of Operation: Gem Theater, Manhattan, New York City, New York; formerly Avengers Tower, Manhattan, New York City, New York; Avengers Mansion, Manhattan, New York City, New York; Sanctum Sanctorum, Greenwich Village, Manhattan, New York City, New York; Luke Cage’s Bar, Harlem, Manhattan, New York City, New York; Chicago, Illinois
  • Identity: No Dual Identity
  • Citizenship: American
  • Martial Status: Married
  • Occupation: Adventurer; formerly bar owner, bodyguard, mercenary, theater owner, private investigator, various odd jobs
  • Education: High school dropout; self-educated in many areass
  • Gender: Male
  • Height: 6′ 6″ (1.98 m)
  • Weight: 425 lbs (192.78 kg)
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Hair: Black (shaved)
  • Origin: Human mutate;
  • Universe: Marvel Prime Universe (Earth-616)

Marvel always tries to get in on the latest trends. So just like his best friend Iron Fist and Kung-Fu movies, Luke Cage was part of Marvel’s attempt to cash in on the blaxploitation of movies of the 70’s, i.e. Shaft. Introduced in Hero for Hire #1 (1972) by Archie Goodwin, John Romita Sr. and  George Tuska, Luke Cage was the first person of color to headline his own comic. (Black Panther didn’t get his own book until five years later.) A former gangster, the former Carl Lucas was framed for murder. While in prison, he was approached by a scientist to help him with his experiments to recreate a super-soldier with Carl being promised to get a early parole release. However, during the experiment, a racist guard tampered with the equipment and killed the scientist. However, Luke survived and gained superpowers, including unbreakable skin and super-strength. Defeating the guard and escaping prison, Carl stopped some criminals and was rewarded with money for it. This gave him the idea to become a hero………for a price, thus becoming Power Man, Hero for hire and legally changing his name to Luke Cage.

After fighting crime for a while, usually for free, he met, fought and befriended Iron Fist. The two became very close, each considering each other like a brother. They teamed up and formed Heroes for Hire. The two continued working together until Luke moved to Chicago. That didn’t last long as he returned to New York and joined the new Heroes for Hire, under the ownership of Oracle Inc, ran by Namor. After that series ended, he fell into obscurity. During his time, he met and slept with Jessica Jones. After helping her overcome the trauma of Purple Man control, they began a long relationship, which resulted in her becoming pregnant with his child. It was around this time that he became the bodyguard of Matt Murdock as well as other people like Black Panther. He was later recruited by Nick Fury to overthrow the new Latervian leader, which resulted in her putting Luke Cage in a coma. He was next seen at the Raft prison break where he helped prevent many villains from escaping.

Due to his help, Captain America invited him to join his new team of Avengers. Luke only agreed if the team would also work on street level problems as well. While as a member of the Avengers, he became a father and married Jessica Jones. During the Civil War, he refused to register with the government because his identity was already known to everyone. However, after getting his wife and child to Canada, SHIELD attacked him but he escaped and joined Cap’s resistant. After Cap was killed, he took to leading the renegade team of New Avengers. After the Siege saga, he bought the Avengers Mansion and lead his official team there. He left the team but after helping with the Thanos invasion, he set up a heroes-for-hire style team of Mighty Avengers, before being force to closed that team down. He retired then but Iron Fist requested he returned to reform the Heroes for Hire. He later became part of the new Defenders team.

Luke Cage has been one of those figures that is always request but when he does come, he is not the one everyone was asking for. (seriously Hasbro! Why can’t you just give us the street clothes version?! I even take the business suit one!). Toybiz gave us his Power Man suit in the Mojo Series. There was supposed to be a silver shirt one based on the Oracle Inc time but that was cancelled. Just like the Psylocke figure, some managed to get out but they have become the most expensive figure ever. Hasbro released 2 of him, both exclusives with one being an SDCC exclusive and another being an Amazon exclusive. They both were part of a box set as well. Another figure based on the MCU Netflix show was released as a Walmart exclusive with Claire Temple, that could be used for comic Luke. He would receive a (as of yet unknown where) Power Man version.


Power Man

Recommend Figure: Hasbro Marvel Legends ? – Luke Cage

  • Background:
    • Luke Cage began his career as Power Man (a homage to the Black Power slogan). Not wanting to hide is identity, he refused to hide his face and wore somewhat normal clothes (for the time). The yellow shirt and jeans became his signature colors but he eventually lost his chain belt and tiara (which he is still teased for)
  • Why you need it for your collection?:
    • Whether or not you think this costume is racist, this is a huge part of Luke Cages life and is a most have for any Luke Cage fan. If you also have the Toybiz Iron Fist then this is also a huge most as you can’t have one without the other. It is also his first appearance costume so that would work for those collectors.
  • Does it need a remake?:
    • No.

Civilian Clothes

Recommend Figure: Hasbro Walmart Exclusive Marvel Legends Netflix 2-pack Luke Cage with Claire Temple

  • Background:
    • After a while and some rather silly costumes, Luke decided to ditch the costumes altogether and go street. While he has worn black/white/grey shirts, it’s usually his famous t-shirt and jeans that he wears, as a homage to his first costume.
  • Why you need it for your collection?:
    • Yes. Again this is a MCU figure. But just look at it. If it wasn’t for the photo-realistic head, you would swear it was from the comics. I recommend getting this if you aren’t a fan of the 2 Hasbro released or if you couldn’t find them.
  • Does it need a remake?:
    • No. Perfect as is.


Recommend Figure: Hasbro SDCC 2013 exclusive Marvel Legends Thunderbolts Box set Luke Cage with Ghost, Satana, Moonstone and Crossbone

  • Background:
    • After Osborn’s defeat during the Siege saga, Steve Rogers assigned Luke Cage to be the warden of the prison that the Thunderbolts were imprisoned. He became the team’s leader, controlling the former criminal via electric shock implants controlled via his wrist gauntlets.
  • Why you need it for your collection?:
    • Until the Defenders box set was released, this was the best Luke Cage figure to get. However it was part of a SDCC exclusive box set so it was hard to come by. I would recommend the easier Defenders figure box if you want this then get the whole set as it comes with 3 characters that have yet to be re-released.
  • Does it need a remake?:
    • No. Fine as is.

Mighty Avengers

Recommend Figure: Hasbro Amazon exclusive Marvel Legends Defenders Box set Luke Cage with Daredevil, Jewel and Iron Fist

  • Background:
    • Luke Cage had quit being an Avengers, working instead with training young heroes with Iron Fist in a new Heroes For Hire. However, when Thanos invasion happen, he was one of the heroes that worked in defeating the invaders and formed a new Mighty Avengers team.
  • Why you need it for your collection?:
    • Out of the three official figure he had been released, this is the one I recommend get as it is the most easily available version out there. A most for any Heroes For Hire, Avengers (New, Mighty or Main team) and the recent Defenders team.
  • Does it need a remake?:
    • No.


Below you will find a gallery of suits that still need to be made. I have included what I think are the possibilities of them being made. Note that these are my personal opinions and not fact. Please let me know if I have missed anything.

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