Retro NCS – Ultimate Nick Fury, Dum Dum Dugan, MCU Ego and the Savage Land box set

Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. Today we finish off our look at every figure that has been released to general retail with the last of the 2-pack, starting with a character I mentioned last week as part of the first wave, Nick Fury (Ultimate). That was just the first wave of 2-pack, which Hasbro was trying to turn the whole line into, as they would later release a second wave with Invisible Woman + Human Torch, Kree Soldier and Skrull Soldier, Maria Hill/Female Shield agent + classic Iron Man and Nick Fury/Male SHIELD Agent + Hand Ninja. The last two set mention had a variant each with Agent 13 (and another female shield head) + Stealth Suit Iron Man and a Chaste Ninja and Dum Dum Dugan. But that wasn’t the last 2-pack released to general retail I haven’t gotten around to as we also have another from GOTG Vol. 2 movie with Star-Lord (MCU) and Ego (MCU).

That is now the last of all the general released figures I have done an NCS for so now let’s look at all the Exclusive that have been released over the years, starting with the SDCC exclusives. We start with the Savage Land box set with Ka-Zar, Shanna The She-Devil and Zabu. On a personal note, this set is the first and so far, only SDCC box set that actually I bought in person, way back in 2008. It has so far been the only time that I have ever gone to SDCC and met with people. I do hope to go again at some point.

Next time we will look at the Thunderbolts box set with a look at Moonstone and Satana.


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