Agent 13


  • Real Name: Sharon Carter
  • AKA: Fraulein Rogers,Gaea-1, Irma Kruhl, “The Most Dangerous Spy in the World,” Ronnie, Shary
  • Family: Harrison Carter (father); Amanda Carter (mother); Margaret “Peggy” Carter (aunt); unborn child (deceased); Ian Zola (Nomad, adopted son)
  • Base of Operation: Formerly S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier, S.H.I.E.L.D. Headquarters, New York City, New York
  • Identity: No Dual Identity
  • Citizenship: American
  • Martial Status: Single
  • Occupation: Special Field Officer of S.H.I.E.L.D.; former head of S.H.I.E.L.D., mercenary
  • Education: S.H.I.E.L.D. training; PhD in Metaphysical Psychology
  • Gender: Female
  • Height: 5′ 8″ (1.73 m)
  • Weight: 135 lbs (61.23 kg)
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Hair: Blond
  • Origin: Human
  • Universe: Marvel Prime Universe (Earth-616)