Character Updates – Post Livestream 19/4/22

Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. We had the live stream today and while we got a few new characters, most of them are character we have already, many of them just being Spider-man, which is not surprising considering it’s his anniversary. As always I have updated the following pages:

  • Spider-man (MCU) – added the new Civilian Peter Parker under the homecoming section
  • Spider-Ham (Into the Spider-verse) – Replaced the Ghost Spider pack-in with the Noir pack-in. They are the same figure but well, newer shinier pics.
  • Toad – Obviously replaced the Toybiz version with the far superior Hasbro one
  • Spider-man – a few updates for this
    • The first appearance version has been replaced
    • The Classic version has been replaced with the Renew Your Vow version. Before anyone says it, this is exactly like the 616 version but I will be doing a RYV NCS at some point.
    • The Iron Spider has been replaced
    • The Future Foundation Stealth Mode has been replaced
  • Silk – the 2-pack image has been replaced.
  • Dr. Octopus – the classic version from the 2-pack has been replaced
  • Knull – replaced the CG Render with the new version
  • Venom (Klyntar) and Venom (Brock) – both have a new section added explaining the wings.
  • The Lizard – added a First Appearance section and changed the Classic version for the new version

When we get around to it the next NCS will be the comic book and MCU Ned Leeds. Yes, we have technically gotten a comic Ned Leeds and you know I always do a Comic NCS before I do a MCU NCS.

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