News – Hasbro Marvel Team Livestream 19/04/22 Live Updates

Hey, my fellow Plastic Addictions. We are a few minutes ways from Hasbro Livestream, where expect it to be very Spider-man heavy and no, I don’t mean the No Way Home figure. Those have been confirmed not to be shown this livestream. Instead, I expect that it will be the official announcement of the 60th Anniversary or Beyond Amazing Spider-man line that they have been teasing for a while.

Watch the video below if you want to watch it livestream. If you can’t for some reason (like you’re at work or something) just look below as I have list all that was revealed. Reminder to reload every few minutes.


Livestream starts:

  • The usual introductions. They are in person for the first time in a new studio.
  • Disney + Moon Knight and Mr. Knight figures, preorder live now. No other figures will be revealed from it.
  • Talking about the Thor Love and Thunder figures they revealed yesterday
    1. Armored Thor
    2. Revenger’s Thor
    3. Jane Foster Mighty Thor
    4. King Valkyrie
    5. Gorr
    6. Star-Lord
    7. Groot
    8. Baf: Korg
  • Role Play Mjolnir.
  • Spider-man
    • Talking about the product development time. It takes a long time. They didn’t know about most of the NWH movie. They will make more from that movie but no reveals today.
    • Spider-man Homecoming 2-pack
      • Civilian Peter Parker with (Backpack tease) two heads, Book, and Backpack.
      • Ned Leeds with Backpack, swappable Masked head.
      • Pre-order tomorrow at 1pm.
    • Spider-man: Into the Spider-verse
      • Not shown but they confirmed the Penny and Sp//dr set
      • Spider-man: Noir with Spider-ham Target exclusive Preorders tomorrow
      • New, Plastic Free Packaging.
  • 20th Anniversary
    • Toad (fina-fucking-lly) – mini toads, background, two head (with or without tongue), two hands – Fan Channel exclusive tomorrow 1pm.
  • Spider-man 60th
    • Iron Spider – all new sculpt – Tomorrow 1pm
      • Beyond amazing packaging
    • Future Foundation Spider-man Inverted version
    • Silk and Doc Ock 2-pack Amazon set
      • Silk – 2 head (masked and unmasked), new web shotting hands and web effect
      • Doc Ock – redeco bright yellow and green. looking to get wire tentacles in the future. 2 heads
    • Knull 2-pack
      • Knull – 2 head, All-Black sword
      • Winged Venom – 2 heads (Annihilus soon?), Movie body as base
      • Tomorrow 1pm
    • Renew your vows
      • Spinneret – Shriek body
      • Spider-man- new pinless sculpt, toe articulation
      • Alternate head and hand
      • BoogNice will review this
      • Tomorrow 1pm
    • Lizard
      • Classic version retro (Beaker tease) and First Appearance head. Wire bendy tail.
      • Walmart exclusive. No pre-order yet.
    • Amazing Fantasy First Appearance Spider-man
      • will have the under-arm wings, younger version. a lot of hands and web effects
      • ShartimusPrime will review on Thursday
      • Preorder Tomorrow 1pm
  • Tease is a cloth lab coat.

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