Character Updates – 23/08/20

Hey my fellow Plastic Addict. After Tuesdays reveal I have updated many character NCS, with some I didn’t know about until after I researched it. I’ll start with Green Goblin, who took on the look of Classic Carnage during the Absolute Carnage event, particularly the Knull mark. Next up I replaced the Kasady version of Carnage (Klyntar) with the new version. Carnage (Kasady) got 2 changes, one is replacing the Classic from Monster Venomwave with the New one and adding the Absolute Carnage to it. I replaced the image of Gwenom and Miles Morales with the newer images. As for the final update, I replaced the old Toybiz Silver Centurion with the newer Hasbro one.


I have also added some preview pages for the following NCS. Have a look at the characters that are coming up. NOTE: The Symbiote that Kasady used in Absolute Carnage is not the same as he has been using for a while.

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