New NCS – The Yellow Symbiote. Or is it Orange? Lemon? Gold?

Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. Since last Tuesday reveal was of a regular wave (one that is not being released as an store exclusive), we will start looking at all the new characters in the new Venom wave. I have already done Miles Morales, Spider-Gwen and Carnage (the Klyntar Version, Kasady version and even the Norman Osborn version) so re-check them if you want.

So up today we have a look at the only 100% brand new character in this wave. Or should I say, Characters. As people know, if there is a new symbiote from the Prime universe that gets a figure, we will do a NCS for both the Symbiote and his host. This is because the Symbiote is it’s own character and usually have multiple host. Anyhow, up today we have a look at Phage, the Klyntar and the Host. (Links below).

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