NCS – The Rose and Quantumania MCU figures

Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. Today we start our look at all the brand new character (or at least characters I haven’t done a NCS for) that were revealed last Wednesday. But before that, since it has been 2 week since the release of the Ant-man and the Wasp: Quantumania movie, I have updated both the Ant-man (MCU) and The Wasp (MCU) pages with their new figure as well as doing an NCS for both Kang (MCU) and the BAF of the wave Cassie Lang (MCU) (which also allowed me to add Cassandra Lang (Multiverse) to the Alternate page).

Now onto the new stuff, we start with the one brand new character from the new Spider-man wave. I already did a NCS for Scarlet Spider (Ben Reilly), Spider-man (Morales, Ultimate), Spider-woman (Jessica Drew), Elektra, Tarantula (Rodriquez) and Tarantula (Alvarez), so the only new character is Kingpin’s baby boy, The Rose. Hopefully the BAF (which I’m hearing will be up for Pre-order this or next week) will also be someone new and NOT in red and black LOL. I also want to say that I won’t be adding the Jacob Conover, Phillip Hayes and Sergeant Blume versions of the Rose as they all had something different from the figure’s design.

Next Wednesday I will be doing another Missing Legends of a certain Shi’Ar princess. As always, if you have a request please enter her – Missing Legends Requests. Next Monday, we will look at our first Object NCS by looking at the Destroyer (Armor) (yes, the Destroyer is not a character), as well as looking at Sersi.


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