Character Updates – 01/03/2023

Hey, my fellow Plastic Addict. It seems like while since I last did a mass of character updates but with Hasbro had their livestream today and out of the over 20 figures, we had 4 brand new character + 2 animated figures (which I consider new characters so that is 6), one Object and one random Skrull. As such, that means a majority of figures were either remakes or new costumes.

Starting with the remakes we have:

  • Luke Cage – not part of the stream but I haven’t gotten around to changing the Power Man / First Appearance figure yet.
  • Tarantula (Rodriquez) and Tarantula (Alvarez) – switched out their classic version with the new much better figure
  • Iron Man – switched out the Toybiz First Appearance figure with the new Hasbro one
  • Hulk – switch out the Bruce Banner/ Civilian version AND the First Appearance version
  • Hawkeye – switched out the Classic version with the Skycycle version
  • Black Widow – replaced the Neo-Classic version from the 2-pack with the super-posable one
  • Winter Soldier – replace the old Bucky Cap build with the new one.

As for the new costumes we have:


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