Missing Legends – Deathbird

Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. We may have had a lot of reveals by Hasbro only last week but there is still a lot of character that Hasbro has yet to make. So, in time for Internation Women’s Day (pure coincidence by the way), we look at Lilandra’s older sister and former Shi’Ar Empress, Deathbird. I will also be adding polls at the end of these pages to see which version of a character you want the most. I may post the results of these polls the next time I do a Missing Legends so you can all see what people want.

As always if you have a request for another Missing Legends, enter it here –Missing Legends Requests.

Before you head off, just a reminder that Hasbro will be putting what people are dubbing the Black and Red Spider-man wave (because 5 of the 7 figures are in black and red) will be up for pre-order Tomorrow. No word on the BAF yet.


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