Character Updates – Post-SDCC 25/07/2022

Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. Are you tired from the weekend? I didn’t even attend the Con and I’m exhausted. We had a ton of reveals with 7 100% Brand New characters (six comics and one MCU), 13 alternate versions (Ie. the MCU and cartoon versions) and 12 old characters that have either new figures or updates to older figures. It’s the last set of stuff we are talking about today. I will also be adding all the Thor: Love and Thunder, Spider-man: No way Home, Loki and Black Panther figures that have had NCS done for them already. Before anyone says anything, the international stature on spoiler has been lifted. However, I won’t be updating the Okoye or Nakia figure (or adding Namor or Attuma) until 2 weeks after movie releases.

  • Thor (MCU) – added the Ravager and armored Thor under the Love and Thunder section
  • Valkyrie (MCU) – added King Valkyrie to the L+T section
  • Groot (MCU) – added the L+T figure
  • Star-Lord (MCU) – added the L+T figure
  • Korg (MCU) – added the L+T figure
  • Spider-man (MCU) – replace the Integrated suit with the Spider-m2n 3-pack
  • Spider-man (Amazing Spider-man) – Added the 3-pack version under the NWH section. This has a slightly redesign for this and the Maguire suit.
  • Spider-man (Raimi’s Trilogy) – Added the 3-pack version under the NWH section.
  • Loki (MCU) – added the Tesseract pack-in under the LOKI section. Honestly don’t get this figure if you have no interest in the Tesseract.
  • Black Panther – replace the Solo series version with the new better classic version
  • Sentry – Replaced the Odin wave version with the Walgreens version. Thank God they replaced the Hyperion mold with the Cap Wolf version.
  • Firestar – Added the Amazing Friends version since there is no cell shading to the figure and It’s pretty much the same as the comic version with a new body. It all depends on which one you want to spend money on. I also added an Angelica Jones (Multiverse) page
  • Terrax – Replace the BAF version with the 2-pack version. This one will be easier to get than the BAF now.
  • Beast – added the Retro blue Beast. Another one you must ask is if there is a need to buy it just because of the head, and added accessories?
  • Agent Ross (MCU) – Since this is based on the first Black Panther movie as it’s under the legacy version, replace the 2-pack version with the WF version.

With the updated out of the wave, next time we will begin look at all the news character but looking at ALL the MCU and Cartoon figures.


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