NCS – Ms. Marvel, Thor: L+T, Disney + and Cartoons

Hey, my fellow Plastic addicts. We have a bunch of new MCU and Cartoon characters to talk about today that come from previous movies and TV shows that I couldn’t talk about due to spoilers as well as all those that were revealed during last week. We start off with the penultimate figure of Disney + wave 3 with Ms. Marvel (MCU) (which also added her to the Kamala Khan (Multiverse) and Ms. Marvels). I won’t do She-Hulk until 2 weeks after the series ended.

Next, we finished off the Thor: Love and Thunder wave with a look at Jane Foster (MCU) (which also allowed me to create a Jane Foster (Multiverse) as well as add her to the Gods of Thunder page) as well as the villain of the movie Gorr (MCU). Speaking of Thor, let look at his adopted brother’s own show by looking at one of Loki’s variant “Classic” Loki (MCU) (who was added to the Loki (Multiverse) page) as well as He Who Remains (MCU) (who has been added to the Kang (Multiverse) page). All the MCU characters have been added to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (Earth-199999).

Now onto the cartoons. Starting with the What If… series with Howard Duckson (Multiverse) (which allowed us to create a Howard Duckson (Multiverse) page) and Ant-man (What If…? Series) (who has been added to Ants and Scott Lang (Multiverse)). Both have been added to the “What If…?” section of the Animated section. Onto some older cartoon from the 90’s with a look at the Spider-man (The Animated Series) (Venom Wearers, Peter Parkers and Spider-men) and Scorpion (The Animated Series) (New Mac Gargan (Multiverse) page). Finally we have the Amazing friends Spider-man (Amazing Friends) (Peter Parkers and Spider-men), Iceman (Amazing Friends) (Icemen), Firestar (Amazing Friends) (Angelica Jones (Multiverse)) and Ms. Lion (Amazing Friends) (Ms. Lion (Multiverse)) with all four being added to the new Spider-man and His Amazing Friends section of Animated universe.

Phew that is alot. Next week we will look at what you really want to see, the comic figures, starting with the first Herald of Galactus, the Fallen One.


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