News – Wakanda Forever wave and She-Hulk

Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. I mentioned that Hasbro would reveal the rest of the Wakanda Forever wave after the Trailer was released last night. Earlier today, Ryan and Jessie went on Marvel’s livestream where they revealed all the MCU figures of that wave as well as finally revealing She-Hulk for the Infinity Ultron. (Yes, I know I said Howard was part of that wave but that was my mistake.) The BPWF wave will consist of Namor, Okoye (on a new body), Nakia (who seem to be heavily based on the Midnight Angels), and a re-release of Everett Ross (part of the Legacy line), alongside the Black Panther and Hatut Zeraze with the BAF being Attuma. This wave will also be the first full wave to have windowless packaging. All of these will go up for Preorder tomorrow.


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