Introduced in: Longshot #1

It is a world where television ratings are all that matters. This world is ruled by the Spineless Ones. As the name suggests, they are beings that have no spines and force the other residents to create moving platforms for them. Using these platforms, they took over the world and enslaved many races. As centuries went on, the Spineless one began receiving TV transmissions from the Prime universe and became addicted to it. In order to control the masses, Mojo, the supreme leader of this world, began creating his own shows to entertain the masses. However, unlike the Prime televisions show, these programs were real, with slaves being forced to survive or die for the entertainment of the people. Mojo would make scientists create “actor”, humans like slaves, to take part in these shows. The greatest “actor” was Longshot, who used his fame to become the leader of the rebellion against Mojo. This universe would eventually bleed into the Prime Universe, where many of the main cast would reside in.

While there is only one Mojoverse, it should be noted that this universe was originally intended to be a separate entity from the Prime Universe. It was only decided after seeing the sales of the book that this story took place beside the Prime Universe when Longshot found himself in the Prime Universe.

Resides in the Prime Universe
Trapped on Prime Universe
Resides in the Prime Universe
Resides in the Prime Universe