NCS – Destroyer, Sersi and Veranke

Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. Today we begin our look at the new characters from the Avengers 60th anniversary line by looking at an enchanted armor and two ladies who have a thing for green and red. I have already done a NCS for the Hulk (the Bruce Banner and Hulk 2-pack), Iron Man (the First Appearance Iron Man), Hawkeye (the sky cycle), Spectrum + Dr. Doom (their respective 2-pack), Black Widow (her superposable Figure), Winter Soldier (the Bucky Cap), Thor and Black Knight, with the last 2 coming with new characters that I have yet to do an NCS for.

Starting with the Thor 2-pack with have our first Object/Item NCS with Destroyer (Armor). For those that don’t know, the Destroyer in this 2-pack is NOT a character. It doesn’t have a personality or mind. Alot of the time it’s just a rampaging suit of armor or is being controlled by some, usually Loki. This is usually done by a part of the person’s soul being placed in the armor in order to make it move. Thus, you can think of this somewhat like a machine.

Next, we have the character that is coming with the 90’s Black Knight and our first comic book version of one of the Eternals, Sersi. I’m glad we are getting this version of the character as it is what you think of when you think of her as a member of the Avengers. Hopefully we will get her classic green version at some point but given her risqué outfits, it might be a while. As for what other Eternal I want next, I think it should be Ikaris. It’s such an easy character to make.

Next up we have the woman who would begin the Secret Invasion arc and was a member of the New Avengers, Veranke. We still don’t know if she will come with a classic head yet if you wanted to use her as a classic Jessica Drew. I have mentioned this on social media but the figure that she is coming with is not the classic Super-Skrull that Hasbro made as a BAF. Nor is it the one that Marvel Select are making, that is the Black Bolt infiltrator so if you pre-ordered that, don’t worry it’s a separate character. This one is just a random Super-Skrull from the battle in New York.

Tomorrow, instead of a Missing Legends (Missing Legends Requests by the way), I will be doing a special list. Or rather an Update to a list I did years ago. Next Monday, we will look at the last of the new character from the Livestream by looking at Super-Adaptoid as well as a quick look at the Animated Series Aunt May and Doc Ock.


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  1. How about other Eternals like Eros Demeityr Makkari and Thena as a matter of fact all Eternals deserve action figures.


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