Remake Checklist

Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. It may be hard to believe but Marvel Legends is over 20 years old. Because of that there has been figures made previously that are too old or expensive for new collectors to get. Old collectors also have a problem as many of those older figures don’t really fit into a modern display. Hasbro, to their credit, has been slowing but steadily replacing many of Toybiz’s Marvel Legends with better figures that fit into a modern collection. HOWEVER, Hasbro hasn’t gotten to a good chunk of character, alternate costumes and alternate universe characters. So today I thought I would go through every wave, box set and exclusives that Toybiz and Hasbro (from the Dark day to the Infinity Series) have made and see what we still need to get remade.

Just few thing before we start:

  1. This is comic books only.
  2. Only figures from before the Mandroid and Ultimate Green Goblin (2014) will be considered for a remake. While there is a few figures made after those waves that need a remake (IE Superior Spider-man), people generally consider those waves the earliest cut off point for remakes. Anything made before those waves will be considered.
  3. I will not be including different artist interpretations of a costume. That means if a figure is the same costume as a newer figure but is done in a different artist style, it will be considered already made. IE the Series 1 Toad is the same costume as the 20th anniversary Toad, but the 20th was just done in the Rob Leifeld style.
  4. This will be broken up into Character (ones that Hasbro has yet to make a new figure of any sort for), Costumes (figures of characters that Hasbro has made but not in these particular costumes) and Alternate Universe (characters from alternate universes that Hasbro has yet to do).
  5. Unlike other times, I will not be including chances of remakes, but I will have a few notes because I know some people will try and correct me about something.
  6. If something gets remade it will be removed from this list


  1. Series 5 – Howard the Duck – The Khonshu wave is not based on the comics (but it’s really close).
  2. Series 6 – Doop
  3. Series 6 – Ogun – Based that this Wolverine that came with Ogun. He has yet to get a proper figure.
  4. Legendary Riders – Vengeance
  5. Galactus Series – Michael Collins’ Deathlok – The Sasquatch wave was an another character.
  6. Apocalypse series – H’ylthri Iron Fist –This is not Danny Rand but a clone.
  7. Apocalypse series – Exile Sasquatch –Not Snowbird like many people think
  8. Onslaught Series –Blackheart
  9. Mojo -Series – Redwing
  10. Mojo Series – Baron Heinrich Zemo
  11. Yong Avengers Box set – Wiccan
  12. Yong Avengers Box set –Hulking
  13. Yong Avengers Box set –Iron Lad
  14. Yong Avengers Box set –Patriot
  15. Mosnters Box set –Dracula
  16. Mosnters Box set –Frankenstein’s Monster
  17. Mosnters Box set –Werewolf By Night
  18. Mosnters Box set –Zombie – the actual character not Marvel Zombies
  19. Face-Off Series 2 –Mandarin
  20. Annihilus wave – Annihilus (BAF)
  21. Blob wave – Xorn
  22. Brood Queen wave – Brood Queen (BAF)
  23. Brood Queen wave – Danger
  24. Brood Queen wave – Rachel Summers/Marvel Girl/Prestige
  25. Ronan The Accuser wave – Mole Man
  26. Fin Fang Foom wave – Fin Fang Foom
  27. Fin Fang Foom wave – Doc Samson
  28. Fin Fang Foom wave – Skaar, Son of Hulk
  29. Terrax wave – Constrictor
  30. Terrax wave – Hope Summers
  31. Arnim Zola wave – Thunderball
  32. Arnim Zola wave – Piledriver
  33. Arnim Zola wave – Madame Masque
  34. Arnim Zola wave – Daken
  35. Iron Monger wave – Iron Monger (BAF)
  36. Hit Monkey wave – Noh-Varr – rumored to be coming
  37. Hit Monkey wave – Red She-Hulk
  38. Rocket Raccoon wave – Wrecker
  39. 2-pack wave – Chaste Ninja
  40. 2-pack wave – Dum Dum Dugan
  41. 2-pack wave – Kree Soldier
  42. SDCC Exclusive Savage Land Box set- Ka-Zar
  43. SDCC Exclusive Savage Land Box set- Shanna
  44. SDCC Exclusive Savage Land Box set- Zabu
  45. SDCC Exclusive Thunderbolt box set- Satana
  46. SDCC Exclusive Thunderbolt box set- Ghost
  47. Walmart Exclusive Nemesis wave – Nemesis (BAF)
  48. Hulk Classic – Gremlin – This was the little figurine that came with Mecha Hulk. Mecha Hulk was an original design
  49. Iron Man: The Armored Avengers – Titanium Man – Select did a version but Hasbro has yet to do one.
  50. Iron Man: The Armored Avengers – Valentin Shatalov’s Crimson Dynamo – The baf is a different character
  51. Spider-man Classics (Toybiz) Series 14 – Leila Davis Beetle
  52. Spider-man Classics (Toybiz) Series 16 – Man-Wolf (John Jameson)
  53. Spider-man Classics (Toybiz) Series 18 – Steven Levin Jack O’Lantern
  54. Spider-man Classics (Toybiz) Series 19 – Pat Mulligan’s Toxin
  55. Fantastic Four Classics (Toybiz) Series 01 – Impossible Man –Packed in with Human Torch
  56. Fantastic Four Classics (Toybiz) Series 02 – Dragon Man
  57. Marvel Universe 4inch Gigantic Battle – Bill Foster Goliath
  58. Marvel Universe 4inch Gigantic Battle – Skrull Giant
  59. Marvel Universe 4inch Gigantic Battle – Frost Giant


  1. Series 2 – Anti-Toxin Namor
  2. Series 3 – Dan Ketch Classic Ghost Rider
  3. Series 4 (Pack-In) – First Appearance Wasp
  4. Series 5 – Military Suit Red Skull
  5. Series 6 – Post X-Cutioner’s Song Cable
  6. Series 6 – Cable’s Solo 1 – The Sasquatch wave is a different version
  7. Series 7 – Post M-Day Apocalypse
  8. Series 8 – Yelena Belova’s original Black Widow Suit
  9. Series 8 – Tin Man Armor (MK 21) Iron Man
  10. Legendary Riders – Hulkbuster Iron man
  11. Legendary Riders – First Appearance Thing
  12. Legendary Riders – Hollywood Wonder Man – The Abomination wave version is the Uncanny X-men not this one
  13. Legendary Riders – Ionic Wonder man
  14. Sentinel Series – Classic Angel
  15. Sentinel Series – Champions Angel II
  16. Sentinel Series – Marvel Knight Black Panther
  17. Apocalypse Series – Apocalypse BAF – The Retro card version is similar to this but is based on the cartoon so it’s an easy repaint.
  18. Apocalypse Series – Wetworks X-23 – The Purple variant is not based on an actual comic version, so it’s not included
  19. Onslaught Series – Monster Onslaught BAF
  20. Onslaught Series – XSE Bishop (the bald version)
  21. Onslaught Series – Crown of Lies Loki
  22. Onslaught Series – Loki Mini-series Loki
  23. Mojo Series – MKI Gold paint – Iron Man – this one is almost guaranteed to be coming with the new MK I version
  24. MODOK Series – Classic Beta Ray Bill
  25. MODOK Series – Genis-Vell’s Captain Marvel
  26. MODOK Series – Marvel Team-Up Moon Knight – The variant is basically the same suit but in silver
  27. MODOK Series – Comics Interview #50 Wasp (the red and black figure
  28. Fantastic Four box set (7-figure version) – Child Franklin Richards
  29. Face-Off Series 1 – Armored Red Skull
  30. Face-Off Series 1 – Freehold/ Mutated Head Leader – the one that looks like a brain rather than a long head.
  31. Face-Off Series 2 – First Appearance Punisher
  32. Face-Off Series 2 – Punisher Jigsaw
  33. Annihilus wave – Classic Banshee
  34. Annihilus wave – Classic Hercules – Neither the Endgame Thanos wave nor the Retro card are based on this
  35. Annihilus wave – Planet Hulk
  36. Blob wave – Green Suit Quicksilver
  37. Blob wave – Disassembled She-Hulk –the white and purple one piece
  38. Blob wave – Thor of Asgard Thor – was re-released but needs a new version
  39. Blob wave – Yellowjacket Hank Pym
  40. Brood Queen wave – Heroes for Hire Black Knight
  41. Brood Queen wave – Classic Bucky
  42. Brood Queen wave – First Appearance Captain America
  43. Brood Queen wave – Classic Uniform Hydra Soldier
  44. Ronan The Accuser wave – Annihilation Ronan (BAF)
  45. Fin Fang Foom wave – World War Hulk
  46. Fin Fang Foom wave – First Appearance She-Hulk
  47. Fin Fang Foom wave – Wendigo – The BAF version was based on one of the creatures in World War Wendigo
  48. Terrax wave – Commander Rogers – Yes, I know about the rumors but until it’s confirmed.
  49. Terrax wave – Dan Ketch Ghost Rider –Blue flame version
  50. Terrax wave –Reborn Thor
  51. Arnim Zola wave – Classic Arnim Zola – The one that came with the Hydra Supreme figure was based on his Dimension Z costume
  52. Arnim Zola wave – Future Foundation Spider-man – white and black version
  53. Iron Monger wave – Bleeding Edge Iron man
  54. Iron Monger wave – Osborn Iron Patriot
  55. Rocket Raccoon wave – Marvel Now Hawkeye
  56. Epic heroes wave – Solo Series Mystique
  57. Epic heroes wave – Trenchcoat Punisher
  58. 2-pack wave – Ronin
  59. 2-pack wave – Pagon Skrull Elektra
  60. 2-pack wave – Shield Suit Sharon Carter
  61. Diamond Exclusive Puck wave – Modern Sabretooth
  62. Diamond Exclusive Puck wave – Utopia Emma Frost
  63. Diamond Exclusive Puck wave – Utopia Emma Frost
  64. SDCC Exclusive – F4 She-Hulk
  65. SDCC Exclusive X-force box set- X-force Psylocke – The Nimrod box set version is based on the Fall of Archagnel arc not the original X-Force
  66. SDCC Exclusive Thunderbolt box set- Thunderbolts Luke Cage
  67. SDCC Exclusive Thunderbolt box set- Thunderbolts Crossbone
  68. Target Exclusive Red Hulk wave- Infinity Gauntlet Saga Adam Warlock
  69. Target Exclusive Red Hulk wave- Planet Hulk Silver Surfer/Savage
  70. Toys or Us Jubilee wave- Renegade Cyclops
  71. Toys or Us Jubilee wave- X-force Storm
  72. Toys or Us 2-packs- Messiah Complex X-force Warpath
  73. Toys or Us 2-packs- Uncanny X-force Warpath
  74. Toys or Us 2-packs- Classic Valkyrie
  75. Toys or Us All-New X-men – First Appearance Cyclops
  76. Toys or Us All-New X-men – First Appearance Angel
  77. Toys or Us All-New X-men – First Appearance Beast
  78. Toys or Us All-New X-men – First Appearance Iceman
  79. Toys or Us All-New X-men – First Appearance Marvel Girl
  80. Walmart Giant Man series – Giant Man (BAF)
  81. Walmart Giant Man series – Astonishing X-men Shadowcat
  82. Walmart Ares – Ares (BAF) – got a re-release but need a remake
  83. Walmart Ares – Winter Soldier Arc Crossbones
  84. Walmart Nemesis – Astonishing X-men Beast
  85. Walmart Nemesis – Bradstreet Punisher
  86. Walmart 2-packs – X-Force Vol. 2 Cable
  87. Walmart 2-packs – Solo Series Domino
  88. Hulk Classic – Joe Fixit Hulk – the Gamerverse version can be used for this but we need an official and proper version
  89. Hulk Classic – Smart Hulk
  90. Hulk Classic – Horse of War Hulk
  91. Iron Man: The Armored Avengers – Initiative War Machine
  92. Spider-man Classic (Clamshell version) -Man-Spider
  93. Spider-man Classic (Clamshell version) – Hammer’s Upgraded Rhino
  94. Spider-man Classics (Toybiz) Series 7 – Marvel Knights Green Goblin
  95. Spider-man Classics (Toybiz) Series 17 – Marvel Knights Frightful Four Hydro Man
  96. Spider-man Classics (Toybiz) Series 19 – Shocker Upgraded
  97. X-men Classics (Original series) – X-treme X-men Gambit
  98. X-men Classics (Original series) – New X-men (Leather) Wolverine
  99. X-men Classics (Original series) – wild Sentinel
  100. X-men Classics (series 2) – X-treme Sanction Executive Gambit
  101. X-men Classics (series 3) – Astonishing X-men Colossus
  102. X-men Classics (series 3) – Jim Lee Iceman
  103. X-men Classics (series 3) – X-Treme X-men Rogue
  104. Marvel Universe 4inch Gigantic Battle – Chairperson Goliath

Alternate Universe

  1. House of M Box set – Hulk
  2. House of M Box set – Iron Man
  3. House of M Box set – Inhuman Torch
  4. House of M Box set – It
  5. Annihilus wave – Ultimate Universe Iron Man
  6. Blob wave – Ultimate Universe Wolverine
  7. Fan Fang Foom wave – The End Hulk
  8. 2-packs- Ultimate Nick Fury
  9. Walmart Ares Wave – Heroes Reborn Iron Man
  10. Walmart Ares Wave – Ultimate Universe War Machine
  11. Walmart Fantastic Four Box set- Heroes Reborn Mr. Fantastic
  12. Walmart Fantastic Four Box set- Heroes Reborn Invisible Woman
  13. Spider-man Classics (Toybiz) Series 5 – Manga Verse Spider-man
  14. Spider-man Classics (Toybiz) Series 9 – Ultimate Universe Lizard
  15. Spider-man Classics (Toybiz) Series 14 – Unlimited Spider-man –he would get an comic version
  16. X-men Classics (Toybiz) Series 03 – House of M Wolverine
  17. X-men Classics (Toybiz) Series 03 – Ultimate Universe Iceman
  18. X-men Classics (Toybiz) Series 03 – Ultimate Universe Nightcrawler
  19. X-men Classics (Toybiz) Series 03 – Ultimate Universe Sabretooth
  20. Fantastic Four Classics (Toybiz) Series 01 – Ultimate Universe Thing
  21. Fantastic Four Classics (Toybiz) Series 01 – Ultimate Universe Mr. Fantastic
  22. Fantastic Four Classics (Toybiz) Series 01 – Ultimate Universe Human Torch
  23. Fantastic Four Classics (Toybiz) Series 01 – Ultimate Universe Invisible Woman

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