NCS – Dr. Spectrum (Mephisto’s Simulacrum), Egghead, Crossfire and Future Ant-man

Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. First of all, to my reader in the US, tomorrow you will be able to pre-order the Target Exclusive Yondu. No word on whether this will be available in other countries but given that Hasbro only told some stores to put today Indiana Jones on pre-orders this morning, I would expect it to be on your usual Etailer tomorrow (Fingers cross). Dan has also told us that there will be more reveals tomorrow, that will also be Target exclusive as part of their Target-Con.

Onto the NCS, starting with finishing the Squadron Supreme 2-pack with Dr. Spectrum (Mephisto’s Simulacrum). That now ends all the male Dr. Spectrum figure from the Prime (and Earth-S). Now Hasbro has to make Power Princes and maybe a new Blurr figure and we complete that team.

Next, we talk about the only character that was an older character from the Quantumania wave that I can update Ultron. I searched online for where this version comes from and the conclusion, I could come up with is that Hasbro are trying to give us a more blue tint version of the classic version that was usually seen in older comics. You know, because grey/silver was hard to get right in comic with the printers of those days and they had to change the colors to blue, green and other colors.

Next, we move onto the new character , starting with Pym’s arch-nemesis, Egghead. Like alot of you, I think of Elihas Starr as a puggy character but since he was brought back to life, he has been seen bulkier. Most have been working out since he faked his death.

Next up we look at one of Hawkeye’s nemesis, Crossfire. As for why he is included in an Ant-man wave, it’s because he is the cousin of Darren Cross, the first person Scott Lang battled when he stole the Ant-man suit. While he would become a villain for Hawkeye mainly, when Marvel launched Astonishing Ant-man (which is a really great read), they brought Crossfire in to help Darren Cross’s son revive his father.

Lastly we talk about the new character created to celebtrate Ant-man’s 60th anniversary, Ant-Man (2549 A.D). This character is really new, making his push for a figure really quick. (Not the quickest). I think it was Marvel themselves that made Hasbro make this figure as they have been placing this character in video games, like Contest of Champions, and other merch, like Funko. It’s kind of like how Marvel was pushing Rintrah in other media, like again COC, but the character had like 30 seconds of screen time in the movie.

And that’s it for this wave for now. Ant-man and the Wasp will be updated, as well as Kang and Cassie getting a NCS 2-weeks after the movie launches (March 6th). Like mention, Hasbro is supposed to be revealing something tomorrow, which I will post about, but tomorrow I will be posted my Quantumania Ideal wave.


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