Ideal Haslab – Devil Dino

Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. With all the excitement of the Ant-man and The Wasp: Quantumania movie and yesterday’s Marvel Legends reveal, you may have forgot that there is another Marvel project coming next week, Wednesday 15th February, on Disney+. Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur. Yes, I know this is marketed toward young kids and we have no idea if it will be part of the MCU or not, but damn it, I want figure of them.

However, while Moon Girl or Moon Boy could be slotted into a wave, Devil D. is too big for the general market, so I thought why not do an Ideal Haslab. Yes, yes, I know Mattel released large dinosaurs for the Jurassic Park/World movies with lights and sounds and yes, I know they are fairly cheap. I also know that after the Ghost Rider, people may be reluctant to back any Haslab projects. But this is just for fun and probably never happen anyway. People need to start having fun with this hobby again. Too much negativity as of late.

For this I tried to tie all the characters today with the theme of Dinosaurs or reptiles except for two characters but they are both important to Devil D. I also tried to make the Tiers as obscure as possible who would have very little chance of being made into a regular figure in the main line.

Base set

For the base set, we of course have Devil D. This of course will be a whole new sculpt and if you push his head down or open his mouth he will roar. He will also come with Moon Girl, who is starring with him in the Animated series. This will mostly use teenage body but will be heavily re-sculpted to incorporate her unique design. Finally, the Base set will also come with Moon Boy. I was going to make this one of the Tier, but if I did, old school fans would be outraged. This would be a whole new sculpt as there is no other build they can or will be able to use with.

Tier 1

For the first Tier we have a member of the Runaways and another Dino, Old Lace. I decided to include her in this because while the human members have a good chance of being made, Old Lace would be harder to make in the main line and her unique design would ensure that this would only be used once. This will mostly be a shrunken down version of Devil D. with a new head, hands and feet.

Tier 2

Next up we have a character created for the Marvel Super-Hero Squad cartoon and later graduated of Avenger Academy, Reptil. The theme of the set is Dino so a character that can change part or all of his body into a dino would fit perfectly and the chances of him coming in the regular line is low. This would use the Amazing Spider-man build and will come with interchangeable hand and maybe legs, but that last part seems unlikely.

Tier 3

Finally, since the last tier is usually a swing and a miss for most Haslab projects, I thought I would throw in a really obscure version of my favourite character that has very little chance of being make, Spider-Lizard. Yes, we have the Lizard build, which can be used for this figure, and yes this can be used in a regular line but I thought it would be a nice inclusion for this.


Well, that is what I would include in a Haslab Devil Dino set. Would you back this project if Hasbro was to make it? Also, if you could change anything one of the tiers above, what would it be? Let me know below in the poll and text box.


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