NCS – Mangaverse Spider-man, Ultimate Rhino + Lizard and Buzzing Beetle

Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. I told you I wasn’t done with NCS, just Marvel Legends. Today we start our look at some figures from the Spider-man Classics that haven’t been made into a Marvel Legends yet. Just a bit of background for this line though. As some may know, before there was ML, there was a 2-series line of Spider-man character that were package in the plastic clamshell that Toybiz eventually used with the Marvel Legends. Toybiz would eventually evolve this formula into the Marvel Legends line while the Spider-man line would become separate line with the standard card back. HOWEVER, this line would become a more kid focus line with most figures featuring action features like launching missiles, lights, and sounds. Each series many had 3 Spider-men, which were either just the comic suit (mainly the classic) or wholly original design, and at least one villain. It wasn’t the greatest toy line, but it did feature some characters that have never been released in ML and work perfectly in a ML display.

With that all said, we start with the two Spider-men that are unique to this line, starting with Marvel’s attempt at competing with the Manga industry, Spider-man (Mangaverse). I’m actually really surprised that this hasn’t ever been remade as they have the perfect body with the Mile Morales mold with some added part. We also look at the Spider-man (Unlimited) (which I only realized was possible when writing this). While the chances of this getting remade is extremely low, with the launch of the Spider-man VHS collection we may see this done in that. I was also going to include the Cyborg Spider-man as the one who appeared in the Spider-verse, but they are too different to be the same character.

As for the villains we have 2 from the Ultimate universe, with RHINO (Ultimate) (which can easily be a BAF for a Spider-man wave) and The Lizard (Ultimate) (doubt it would get a remake since he was only seen in it for one issue). We also look at the first female Beetle with Beetle (Leila Davis), which might work as a BAF BUT I rather they do her Hardshell form instead.

Next time, depending on if or not they reveal a new figure on Sunday (the 20th), we will finish our look at the classic line with a look at Ultimate Doc Ock, Man-Wolf, Levin’s Jack O’Lantern and Hasbro’s Tarantula.


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