NCS – The Last Marvel Legends NCS (For Now)

Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. Today I finally caught up with every character that has been made into a Marvel Legends figure since Toybiz launched the line. With the exception of Turg, which I’m waiting for an official reveal (yes, we got a tease but not a proper reveal), I have done over 720 characters since I started this project over five years ago. That makes today the last Marvel Legends NCS, for a while anyway until Hasbro reveals more. HOWEVER!! I’m not done doing NCS, just Marvel Legends. I still have Toybiz (and some Hasbro) figures to do from the Spider-man/Fantastic Four/X-men/Hulk/Iron Man Classic line as well as some giant-sized Marvel Universe characters and a few Marvel Select figures. There are also a few characters that I also want to do that just happened to wear certain costumes that the main crowd did.

But anyway, onto todays NCS, starting with the BAF of the recent Avengers wave, the Serpent Society mainstay, Puff Adder. I really love this figure as I love completing team and this is a character that is needed to the Society, more than the Eel anyway.

We also look back at the last Walmart exclusive starting with the Fantastic Four box set from Toybiz that included Mr. Fantastic (Heroes Reborn) and Invisible Woman (Heroes Reborn). Yeah, Yeah, I know that some don’t consider these separate characters but since House of M and AOA are considered Alternate Universe version when they are clearly just the Prime Universe in another universe, so should these.

Next we look at a Walmart exclusive 2-pack from Hasbro, with Spider-man (Ultimate Cartoon) and Vulture (Ultimate). The Spider-man is definitely from the cartoon as it doesn’t have the red web pattern along the side which is a signature for the Cartoon version. Also while the Vulture also includes the cartoon head, there is alot more that doesn’t match the cartoon so I didn’t make the cartoon page.

Before moving onto the next part if you haven’t seen Wakanda Forever and don’t want to be spoilt (though they are very minor), skip here.

I have also updated Okoye (MCU), Nakia (MCU) and Shuri (MCU) and added the NCS for Namor (MCU), Attuma (MCU) and Ironheart (MCU) (as well as added Namor (Multiverse) and Riri Williams (Multiverse). The only one of these I would watch out for is Shuri as this reveals a changing point in the character but it was expected from the start.

While we will have a Pre-order tomorrow, I don’t think there will be a reveal so next time we begin our look at the Spider-man Classic line with a look at the Mangaverse version of the Webhead and the Ultimate versions of RHINO and Lizard.


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