NCS, Updates and New Feature – Razorback

Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. Today we not only do another character from the Amazon box set but also add a new feature to the site. More on that later, but first I have updated the Ghost Rider (Blaze) page with the new Retro figure. The figure is based on his more modern look based on his Hell Lord appearance.

Onto the new character where we look at Razorback. I think all of us loved it when Hasbro brought an extremely shy Robo up to reveal Razorback. Yes, this isn’t a villain. I think Hasbro may have been thinking of Hobgoblin’s version.

As for the new feature, I’m proud to announce that we will start doing Families. That sounded dirtier than it needed to be but think of them as a relationship page of character and how they relate to each other. Using the Summer family as an example (though I haven’t done it yet) how Cyclops is Cable’s father, Hope’s adopted grandfather, Rachel’s possible father, Jean Grey’s husband etc. I will also be posting all that is missing from the family, i.e. Corsair for the Summer family. If it gets confusing, just move down to the Explanation secton of the page where I try my hardest to explain how the family works. Note how I said, tried my hardest. Some of these families are the most confusing pieces of fiction ever so there will be family members I will miss.

You can find the full list of familys under the Near Complete set and Teams in the menu but I have only done 3 so far but two of them are large families.

Next time we will look at the last figure in the Amazon Box set, Molten Man.


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