Venom’s family

Here you will find all of Venom’s family, including offsprings, grandchildren and clones. Please note Klyntar don’t have genders.

(Creator of all symbiotes)


(Mr. Negative Corrupted copy of Venom)
Anti-Venom II
(chemically corrupted piece of Venom)


Carnage (First born offspring)
(one of five Symbiote extracted by the Life Foundation)
(one of five Symbiote extracted by the Life Foundation)
(one of five Symbiote extracted by the Life Foundation)
(one of five Symbiote extracted by the Life Foundation)
(one of five Symbiote extracted by the Life Foundation)


(Carnage’s offspring)


Sleeper (Venom’s child) | Hybrid (child, fusion of Riot, Agony, Lasher and Phage) | Mania (Venom’s clone) | Scorn (Carnage’s Child) | Raze (Carnage’s offspring) | Silence (Clone of Scream)


  • Knull, a being that existed before the creation of the Universe, created the Symbiote (or Klyntar) race in an effort to destroy the universe. These symbiote rebelled and imprisoned him.
  • Venom was one of many symbiote that travelled across the universe and was trapped on Battle-world where he bonded with Peter Parker.
  • Venom would eventually give birth to Carnage (who bonded with Cletus Kassidy). It was later taken by the Life Foundation and forced to give birth to five symbiotes, Phage, Riot, Lasher, Agony and Scream, each bonded to a member of the Foundation. His latest child was Sleeper.
  • Carnage would later give birth to Toxin, who bonded with the Police officer Pat Mulligan. In a prison escape, a piece of Carnage would combine with some nano-tech giving birth to Scorn. When Carnage gained the Darkhold, he gave birth to Raze.
  • After Brock sold the Venom symbiote for money, a piece of it remained in his body. This was corrupted by Mr. Negative and became a new symbiote known as Anti-Venom. Thompson would later fight Brock for the Venom symbiote and a piece of it would be doused in chemically becoming the second Anti-Venom.
  • While bonded with Thompson, a piece of the Venom symbiote would bond with Andrea Bention, becoming Mania/Maniac.
  • After Scream was killed, Dr. Steven took part of it and Benton’s DNA as well as some Anti-Venom to create a new symbiote, Silence.
  • For all host please see Venom Wearers, Anti-Venom Wearers, Carnage Wearers, Phage Wearers, Riot Wearers, Lasher Wearers, Agony Wearers, Scream Wearers and Toxin Wearers.