News – Retro Ghost Rider revealed

Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. Yes, yes. I know I’m late. You know the story by now, I think. Anyway, today is the 20th of the month and as promised Hasbro has not only given us an appetizer for the Haslab Ghost Rider project with a new Retro Johnny Blaze Ghost Rider. This is on a new retro card back, based on the old Toybiz Ghost Rider toy line but it is essentially the Rhino wave/Rider line Ghost Rider with new hands and a new swappable head.

I like the figure, but I get why people are bummed by this. They wanted Ketch. However, if we are going by the fact that the first in the Retro line is usually a straight repaint. If we go by the Retro Dr Doom and the fact that they will be releasing stuff to coincide with the Haslab release, this will lead to a Retro wave. It will also place the Orb Figure that Hasbro teased at SDCC. I will assume that Ketch and Vengeance will be in the wave as well.

Pre-orders will be going up at some point next month.


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