Adam Warlock’s Family

Here you will find all the characters that are related to Adam Warlock.

High Evolutionary
(Foster Father)
(Evil self)


Enclave (Original Creators) | Ayesha (Twin) | Goddess (Good Side) | Nobilus (Foster Brother) | Luminous (Foster Sister) | Higher Evolutionary (Foster Brother); | Doniva (daughter, deceased)


  • The Enclave, a cabal of scientists wanting to conquer the world, created two beings which they considered the perfect beings, for a while only known as Him and Her but would later be known as Adam Warlock and Ayesha.
  • After Adam left the planet, he wound up on Counter-Earth, a planet on the other side of the sun. There he was taken in by the High Evolutionary, who thought Adam all he needed to know, becoming Adam’s foster father.
  • Adam would later develop two separate personalities, his evil persona, the Magus and his benevolent persona the Goddess. Sometimes they used Adam’s body. Sometimes they were separate beings.
  • The High Evolutionary would later create several “children” Nobilus (son), Luminous (daughter), Higher Evolutionary (son) and Doniva (daughter). These are technically Adam’s foster siblings.