Odinson’s Family

Here you will find all the members of the royal family of Asgard, which include Thor, Angela, Odin and Loki.

(Odin’s Father and Thor’s grandfather)

Bor’s Children

Odin (Bor’s son)

Odin’s Children

(Odin’s Son via Gaea)
(Odin’s Daughter via Frigga)
(Odin’s adopted son)

Loki’s Children

(Loki’s alleged daughter)


(Thor’s clone created by Iron man and Hank Pym)
Iron Man
(Created Ragnarok with Thor’s DNA)
Mr. Fantastic (Created Ragnarok with Thor’s DNA)


Buri (Thor’s grandfather) | Bolthorn (Thor’s great-grandfather) | Bestla (Thor’s Grandmother) | Gaea (Thor’s mother) | Freyja Freyrdottir (Thor’s stepmother) | Laussa Odinsdottir (Thor’s half-sister) | Balder Odinson (Thor’s half-brother) | Hermod Odinson (Thor’s half-brother) | Vidar Odinson (Thor’s half-brother) | Tyr Odinson (Thor’s half-brother) | Mimir Burison (Thor’s great-uncle) | Njord Burison (Thor’s great-uncle) | Cul Borson (Thor’s uncle) | Vili Borson (Thor’s uncle) | Ve Borson (Thor’s uncle) | Hoder Vilison (Thor’s cousin) | “Brandy” Selby (Thor’s goddaughter) | Nobilus (Thor’s clone) | Red Norvell (Odin’s adopted son) | Skadi (Odin’s aunt) | Frey (Odin’s father-in-law) | Gullveig (Odin’s sister-in-law) | Hoder Vilison (Odin’s nephew) | Sera (Angela’s wife) | Laufey (Loki’s father) | Farbauti (Loki’s mother) | Sigyn (Loki’s wife) | Tess Black (Loki’s daughter) | Narvi (Loki’s son) | Váli (Loki’s son) | Son of Satan (Loki’s son) | Fenris Wolf (Loki’s son) | Jormungand (Loki’s son) | Sleipnir (Loki’s son) | Vali Halfling (Loki’s son) | Hoarfen (Loki’s grandson) | Sturm (Loki’s grandson) | Drang (Loki’s grandson) | Wolf Gods (descendants) | Criti Noll (Ragnarok’s creator);


  • Buri was the first Aesir (Asgardian) in creation.
  • His wife (or wives) gave birth to Bor, Mimir and Njord.
  • Bor married Bestia and Njord married Skadi.
  • Bor and Bestia had Cul, Odin, Vili and Ve.
  • Odin would marry Frigga which resulted in the birth of Angela, Baldar, Hermod, Tyr and Laussa.
  • Odin would mate with Gaea which resulted in Thor and with Grid which resulted with Vidar.
  • After the battle with the Frost Giant’s king Laufey, Odin would adopt the Frost Giant’s son Loki.
  • Odin would later adopt Red Navel.
  • Loki married Sigyn but would mate with various being which resulted in the birth of Hela, Tess Black, Narvi, Váli, Son of Satan, Fenris Wolf, Jormungand, Sleipnir and Vali Halfling.
  • During Civil War, when Thor and the rest of Asgard were presumed dead, Iron Man, Mr. Fantastic and the Hank Pym’s Skrull imposter cloned Thor to create Ragnarok.
  • Angela would later marry Sera.