NCS – Agony

Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. Today Hasbro revealed the Amazon Exclusive Venom box set with Venom, Agony and Riot. As such I have updated the two Venom pages (Klyntar and Eddy Brock) with the Amazon Venom. I think most people agree that this looks to be the definitive Venom figure. I especially like that they covered up the holes in the shoulders. I have also skipped the schedule and done one of the two new characters in the box. Well, two of the four new characters because as people know I consider the symbiotes and host separate entities. Anyway, ladies first so I did the NCS for Agony (Klyntar) and Agony (Gesneria). For anyone wondering, this figure is based on more recent coloring for the characters based on comics that are set during the time this team was still around. I also added a new Alternate for Agony Wearers.

Next time, we will look at the last of the Life Foundation symbiote by looking at Riot and his original host.


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