NCS – Riot

Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. After yesterday’s reveal of the Amazon Venom Box set, I updated Venom and did Agony, so let go onto the last figure in the box set as well as the last member of the Life Foundation’s Guardian Symbiotes, Riot (Klyntar) and his host, Riot (Cole), along with Riot Wearers to alternates. About Riot and why he is blue instead of grey, it is because he never kept a proper color during his initial appearances. This is mostly due to the printers at the time which would give him multiple shades of grey, even brown. It was like how Hulk and Beast were grey in initial designs but changed to green and blue respectively afterward. Marvel must have decided just to make the symbiote blue with him getting a redesign in more recent comics.

Unless something else is revealed during the weekend, I will be doing an Ideal wave next week for the release of a certain animated shorts that is releasing next week.


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