Retro NCS – Ultimate Spider-man

Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. Today we begin and end our look back at the next wave the Spider-man’s Space Knight Venom wave. I have done an NCS for pretty all but one of these characters (which include Hobgoblin, Spider-man (Morales, Ultimate), Spider-girl (The Wasteland), Silk, Electro and Agent Venom). That one character is the Peter Parker of Earth-1610 , Spider-man (Ultimate). I think alot of people like this figure and believe that this should be used more. So are the only character that has used it beyond the 2 Ultimate Spider-man (and their various repaints) is Nova. Totally under used build.

Next time, since it will be the week of a certain gods fourth movie, I will be doing an Ideal wave. But the time after that I will be starting and probably finishing the third Civil war wave with a look at the Slippery or electrifying villain the Eel.


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