Retro NCS + Universe – Dirk Anger

Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. Today we finish our look back at the Civil War Giant Man wave by looking at the director of HATE with a sunflower patterned dress, Dirk Anger (Nextwave’s Universe). Now I know what some people will say. “You made a page for a head?” But considering that many use this on one of the SHIELD agents or (as ShartimusPrime suggested) on the Taskmaster figure I talked about the last day. And well, my site my rules.

I have also added the second half of the Animated Universe by adding Disney second attempt at an animate universe, The Spider-verse movies and the What If Series (Note: The Watcher is a multiversal being that can exist in all universes at once. The Watcher in this series is the same one as the one in the MCU).

Next time we will jump into the Space Venom wave, with it’s only remaining, Ultimate Spider-man.


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